I have been waiting for the longest time to get to photograph what is probably one of my favourite items right now. It’s probably better that I waited quite a while before I wrote anything on it because now I got to wear it during different seasons, in different circumstances and I can genuinely say it is a very versatile piece (although it might not look like it). I had this skirt tailor made a few months ago and I wasn’t entirely sure how it would turn out or whether it would suit me seeing as I am not that tall. However, I have been wearing it quite a lot, especially now that it’s been scorching hot in Bucharest, making it harder and harder for me to figure out what to wear, especially for work. Wore it with my low cut sheer tank on top but layered a basic black tank underneath so it was city appropriate. I also didn’t stray from my flat shoe policy and wore some basic ballet flats for a relaxed look. Although this skirt might look very elegant and demanding it is so easy to wear. It’s all about dressing it down and letting it get that worn-in look that I personally love. I do take a bit more care of it since it is made out of silk, hence easier to get damaged and definitely more difficult to repair. Since it’s a day of firsts, I decided to try out a half-up top knot, especially since I cut my hair a bit shorter – thought it would go well with the new length. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures!  



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