An Ode to Dry Shampoo

                Okay, I am going to have to admit it. I don’t like washing my hair. I like the results of it, don’t get me wrong, I just hate the process itself. There’s no secret, very often, a pony tail simply means someone didn’t have time to wash their hair the day before. Or maybe that’s just me. Along the same lines as my Lovelorn post I am pretty much certain the title of this one is self-explanatory. If there is one thing I owe to my move to London, the discovery of dry shampoo is it. I’d heard of it via various sources but was very sceptical; a product that would instantly give you what usually took me around half an hour (if I was rushing) seemed too good to be true.

                Nevertheless, during my first trip to Boots I ventured into buying a travel-sized Batiste dry shampoo and I have never looked back. If I were to be accused of shamelessly promoting a product this would be it – I have probably recommended it to everyone and their mother. But it’s amazing what it can do. If your hair is in need of a little refresh a.k.a. it hasn’t been washed in a week, give it a couple seconds with a dry shampoo and you won’t recognise it. To be completely honest, my hair probably looks better after using dry shampoo than it does when it's freshly washed. It was love at first sight, what can I say? I used to try out all kinds of styling products to give my hair more texture and tons of volume but none really worked on it. However, dry shampoo has been the most efficient, easy to use and cost effective product I have tried so far.

                However, there are a couple of downsides to Batiste dry shampoo, which is the one I use. Firstly, it leaves a white cast. This doesn’t bother me, as a blonde, but some of my darker haired friends have taken a bit of time to learn how to apply it in order to avoid that. There are, of course, more expensive and professional dry shampoos that are supposed to be transparent but I don’t think the extra £10 are worth when the difference is so small. And secondly, although there is a lot of variety in the range, out of the four types I have tried, I only liked the coconut scented dry shampoo. This doesn’t mean the others are bad, and although it doesn’t linger in your hair, they do have a sort of hairspray smell.

                My point? Go get yourself some dry shampoo. YOU NEED IT.


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