The Ribbon Project

  A few months ago I was contacted by Angela&Roi, an online handbag brand that promotes philanthropic campaigns through their products, in respect to their ‘Donate by Color’ campaign; you can read more about it in THIS post. Promoting their project was an absolute pleasure seeing as I think they do such a great job in showing that fashion is so much more than just expensive bags and skinny models - that if you want to you can put all that to the use of a great cause.  

Therefore, you can imagine that I was more than pleased when they introduced The Ribbon Project to me. This project is aimed to bring you closer to Cancer and disease fighters. Each purchase made on will be accompanied by a postcard with the story of a cancer or disease fighter. Once you have received your purchase you can write a thoughtful message on it and share it on Facebook and Instagram (@AngelaRoi) using the hashtags #ribbonproject and #angelaroi. Moreover, the most important aspect is that the project is not only aimed at buyers. Even if you didn’t buy an Angela&Roi bag you can also write to them via Facebook HERE and your message will be handwritten on a card and delivered to the patient. I was very touched to see how many people have written get well messages and supported this project on Facebook. It is reassuring to see that in the midst of all this running and worrying about our jobs and daily problems we can stop for a second and support this cause that truly highlights that there are definitely more important things in life than those.

Make sure to visit Angela&Roi and check out The Ribbon Project HERE. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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