Canadian Tuxedo

Here you have my interpretation of a Canadian tuxedo - my dad said I looked like a Saint, one of my friends thought I resembled a nun in the picture above so please submit your thoughts too haha. Not sure why, but I have been all about denim lately, especially paired with low-key pieces like plain t-shirts and sneakers. I came across these Vans slip-ons that I've had for an alarming period of time - almost 6 years I think. I remember buying them during one of my skiing trips to Austria, being immediately drawn to the burgundy velvet and I am glad I did because I have yet to see a similar pair anywhere around. I am still surprised that purchases made during my teenage skate phase would ever become 'fashionable'. (Slip-ons at least, I still have to get rid of my pink polka dot skater shoes) 

Although my evening was cut short that day and a picnic cancelled because of a summer storm, I can't be happier with the way these pictures turned out. The lighting was just incredible and I love the melancholic mood they effuse. Hope you enjoy! 

Massimo Dutti jacket | vintage skirt and t-shirt | Vans slip-ons | Forever 21 bag


  1. Love this look and your make up is perfection! I love the white lids and bright red lips.



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