White Comeback

Having finished with one month of exams and leaving London for the summer it has taken me about a week to get out of my lazy mood and make inspiration happen instead of waiting for it to hit me in the head. What is more, I turned 20 on the 13th so I thought it was about time I actually stuck to the responsible adult label and picked up my blog writing where I had left it in May. Finishing one year of University has left me with enough logistical things to worry about so that I could not really feel like summer was here until now. However, in honour of the warm season I set out on a quest of finding the perfect pair of white jeans, much like I do every year – unsuccessfully – until now. I could honestly compare this to finding a flat or a house to live in seeing as this quest has replaced the one for white jeans pretty much right after I solved the latter.

I think I got my last pair of white jeans about 6 years ago as a gift from my mother and I probably haven’t worn them in 4 out of those 6 years. They were too low-rise, much like the fashion was back then, and a bit too long for my 164cm height. And all the others I’ve tried since have had their shortcomings – either the material was too thin and showed everything or the loose fit was loose in all the wrong places. And then there were the 7FAMs – way out of my budget – and American Apparels whose £75 didn’t even nearly account for their useful life of around one year (I like to wear my jeans and I like to wear them until they fall apart – which would ideally happen after more than one short year). This is where Uniqlo came in, about a month ago, providing me with their Ultra Stretch jeans. My love for this model started back in September when I bought them in a classic dark wash and later on in black. They fit me just right and even though they are ultra stretch they do not stretch after too many uses. And, for £30, they are not a very bad deal at all.

                As I am slowly starting to clean up my wardrobe to make room for a few classic pieces that are to become what I would like to call personal staples the Uniqlo Ultra Stretch jeans are definitely a strong contender. 
Zara top | Uniqlo Ultra Stretch jeans | Bata loafers | Calvin Klein clutch


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