Things I Used to Love

  Last year three girls came to our graduation ball wearing the same dress albeit in a different colour. Needless to say, the topic generated a bit of unrest between us girls, wondering whether the common preferences that had brought the three together during high school might just make them drift apart in the end. A bit dramatic, I know, but everyone knows wearing the same dress as someone else to an event is a faux-pas and one should always make sure something like this does not happen. Anywho, the point I am making is that sometimes things that you love become less so because of external circumstances. I bet those girls loved their dresses to bits before they arrived at the location and saw they were part of an involuntary Totally Spies trio. And just like that, because it’s Monday and no one likes Mondays, here are some of the things that have been partially ruined for me.

1.      Baths  
I think it was a trend in films back when I was younger to make bathrooms seem like some kind of meditation temple. Candles, champagne, fruit, and ultimately books would just sit around waiting for you to use them to relax after a long day at work. So one day I decided to take the book I was currently reading and move all the action to the bathroom. A couple of water splashes later and a pretty much damp book, I decided reading while in the bath was probably the worst idea ever. Doing anything unrelated to taking a bath would have probably been the worst idea ever. Just the simple act of holding the book meant my arms were probably colder than the rest of my body and a bit achey, the simple memory of that moment is a bit painful. I can still take a bath, it’s not like I have been permanently affected by the experience (that would definitely be too dramatic) but the image of my bathroom as a (potential) Yankee Candle display has been forcefully erased and I have now realised the unfortunate limitations of baths...
2.      Avocados
Man, avocados are the ideal love I thought I had but then found out they were cheating on me. No Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or even Facebook feed is now without a picture of an avocado. Guacamole, avocado as a side, avocado on toast, avocado and omelette, avocado eye cream; the possibilities are endless and they are all on social media. Now I feel like every time I eat an avocado (in any of the combinations above – apart from the eye cream, never eat eye cream!) I am also sharing it with all the other million people eating it at that very moment. I know that is applicable to a thousand other basic food items – eggs, bread, milk – but those aren’t nearly as publicised as the poor avocado. Which, to be honest, is quite unfair, who are we to discriminate against nourishment products?
3.      Wine
Out of all ‘Scandal’ episodes I have seen not one lacked a scene with Carrie Washington sipping red wine at home in her all-white ensembles. Note to everyone – drinking wine alone at home and watching the news is not that glamorous. Drinking wine is more of a social activity, a drink to enjoy while out with good company so drinking it alone at home more or less ruins it for me.
4.      Silk bathrobes
A couple of years ago I bought this really nice silk kaftan, planning to wear it over my pyjamas and around the house in the morning. I tried that out for the first week, carefully placing it at the end of my bed to retrieve it in the morning before leaving my room. (Like every other soap opera actress did at that time) However, my plan was slightly hindered by the fact that every morning I would have to search for my kaftan, having either pushed it off the bed or tangled it between the sheets. Anyway, I did not let that get in my way. Vision slightly impaired, a bit disoriented I made my way to the bathroom to wash my face. Fear no more, the kaftan was in my way, yet again, as its (very stylish) bat wings kept getting soaked in the water with no way for me to avoid that. A week of this and my kaftan dreams were crushed. Maybe they are just not that practical or maybe I am simply not a kaftan girl – I guess I will just stick to my shorts and t-shirts for the moment.

Sooo... have any of your dreams been crushed? Ideas ruined? Life permanently destroyed? Or.. you know, any of the less dramatic options. 

All pictures taken from Tumblr. 


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