With age comes wisdom, they say, so here I am - just turned 20 and ready to give you some amazing advice. I honestly don’t really know what I am doing with my life either so do not take my word for granted. However, sometimes I have these minor cogitations that I feel confident enough to share without being afraid that reading this text 5 years from now will cause me to laugh at my own words. I came back home in June with a very clear plan in mind – I would take advantage of this summer. Every year I used to moan about how much I wanted summer to come and then proceeded to completely waste it with useless activities. Advertising it as my favourite season felt so unfair seeing as I was throwing away three months with so many interesting possibilities that did not lead to fruition. By writing this I suppose I am somehow making myself stick to the plan, trying to keep my virtual promise; once it’s out there, it’s out there forever, right?DSC_06351
One thing that has kept me focused on making this summer worthwhile has been this dainty necklace that I got as a gift from my closest friends for my birthday. I have become much more attracted to small jewellery, leaving my statement necklaces on hold at the moment so this one has not left my neck since I got it. It is not only a beautiful piece of jewellery but a reminder of all the beautiful moments I spent with my friends and all those that are yet to happen this summer and further on. 


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