Queen B's Words, Not Mine

So exams are coming up really soon and like any self-respecting student I’ve been spending most of my days procrastinating and delving into activities in no remote way related to balance sheets and macro-economic principles. During one of my intense web surfing afternoons into the world of Zimbio’s useless but impossible to avoid quizzes (I swear, I shouldn’t call it procrastinating anymore, it’s more like jeopardizing my future) I came across one that would tell me which celebrity I should go on holiday with. Seeing as summer is close I said I’d give it a go; who knows, right – what if I’d lived unaware that I should’ve lounged on the beach with Justin Timberlake my whole life? And guess who I got as my sun-burning, getting sand in my bikini partners? None other than Queen B herself. Like any Queen, she’d also bring her hubby Jay-Z and, unintentionally of course – she’s such a doll  rub all her greatness in my face which would ultimately make me the saddest person alive. I bought this “I woke up like this” t-shirt on Amazon in anticipation of the moment, hoping we’d be outfit twins empowering everyone to run the world. Unfortunately our holiday timetables kind of clashed this year seeing as they are going on tour this summer and I wasn’t really into the idea so I decided to wear it a bit earlier. No bitches bowed down but there’s still time.

Joke, we’re good. 
Amazon t-shirt | Mango skirt | Zara boots and heels

I couldn't help it and had to include this great work of art a friend of mine sent me just so, you know, see that I do wake up like this. 

A big thanks to my lovely friends for helping me take these pictures and stop traffic when necessary. 


  1. Fierce outfit!
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  2. Love this! You are gorgeous! x


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