Making Old Jeans New Again

I could start by asking whether you'd ever lost interest in a clothing item but that would be rhetorical because I'm sure you have. Very similar to my white jeans issue, I don't really wear grey jeans either even though I love how they look on other girls. So today I dug up my old grey jeans and tried to figure out why I didn't wear them anymore. I'll blame the length, which was definitely more suitable for a normal sized taller girl and not the couple pounds I put on since coming home - definitely more than would be acceptable for a 10-day holiday. But, getting back to the matter in hand, all you'll need for this little makeover is a pair of scissors and a marker or a pen. 
Start out by marking the portion you want to cut and make sure you leave a little more space just to be sure. 
This is pretty obvious... cut the jeans where you've previously marked them. Don't worry if the edges are a bit uneven, that's what I love about this. 
These steps are optional but you can also fray the edges and cut the stitching on the side as high as you want for a more worn look.
And voila! You've got a new pair of jeans :) 


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