Just Add a Vest

Not really a jacket or a cardigan, it doesn’t have sleeves and most times it’s not even meant to be closed up, the vest has been giving me a hard time for a while. She’s just like one of those housewives that complain about how their husbands are too insensitive but then tell them to grow a pair if they show any sign of weakness. Actually, she’s just like most women - highly demanding. I for one always go for a gamble when I wear a vest – one time a sweater might just do it and the other I’m freezing my ass off while rain is pouring down.

            However, today I realized that it’s all worth it for that one day you manage to kick it out of the park. And that’s what I did. Well, to be honest, I didn’t do anything, the weather just really worked in my favour but let’s just say it was mostly me. When you finally manage to wear a vest just right it gives you a great feeling, you know, like you’ve battled the storm and won. *dramatic pause*

            So yeah, what I was trying to say is that if you wake up one morning hung-over after less than 3 hours of sleep (might or might not have been the actual case here), with no disposition to do the things you have to do, just throw on a vest on top of your most boring clothes and you’ll look like you’ve mastered effortless chic.

            So... do you wear vests? Do you like vests? Do you hate vests? Let me know, let me know. 

Zara sweater | Uniqlo jeans | Forever 21 vest


  1. I have a love-hate relationship with vests, really, sometimes they make an outfit look amazing, sometimes I adore the vest but can't seem to manage to style it so it looks good. Yours looks great though! <3


    1. I know, me too, most times! Thank you x


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