A bit late, I know, but I shot these pictures a while ago at a Holi event I attended as part of the Cosmo on Campus campaign I participated in. The main purpose was to shoot for the campaign but I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the people there. I won't post any pictures of the actual people as I haven't asked them for permission but I will take the liberty to post these two pictures that I'm particularly fond of. I think they go well with the arrival of Spring, bringing some colour into our lives. Shamefully, I didn't know much about Holi, this was the first year I'd actually heard of it. All I knew was that people were going to throw coloured powder/chalk everywhere and that I needed to take care of my camera. I did get a bit of colour on my camera (and on myself) which gave the guy from the stationery store the opportunity to make fun of the green stain on my face when I went in later that day to buy some ink for my printer. "That's where all the ink went haha" he tried to joke... 

 I hope you guys enjoy the pictures :)



  1. You did a great job! Its fine for you to add any picture that I was in x


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