Okay, so here it goes. This is one shameless promoting post which I hope you'll all go with and won't hold against me when times get rough. I saw that Company were holding their Style Blogger Awards 2014 on Style Memoire (go and vote for her as well, under the Best Personal Style Blog - Newcomer) so I thought I might give it a go, too. 

I nominated myself - yes, you have to nominate yourself because, to be honest, who else can better say that your blog is the best if not yourself - under the Best International Blog section because I like to think that what we do here is a little bit of this and a little bit of that, not only fashion in the traditional sense. 

All you have to do, if you think I'm the best (please do!), is access this LINK and nominate me in the same International Blog category, using my URL - Also, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. If you nominate me you can enter the Missguided giveaway and have the opportunity to win £250 to spend at Missguided. So chop chop, cast your votes!


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