You know how whenever we get mad on our parents for putting us through experiences we hate they tell us we’ll thank them when we grow up? There’s always going to be something we are told at a certain age that would probably make more sense in later years.

            I assume every girl goes through her all-black phase at some point in her life, more so now when it’s actually become a trend. Perhaps when I’ll be 40 I’ll want to dress all colourful and cheery and I’ll regret the times I used to cover myself in black. But for the moment I’ve just decided to embrace that and keep dressing up in black and greys. The outfit I put together here was an attempt to get rid of the all black ensembles, to instil some colour into my daily look, but somehow it didn’t feel right. I hope it’s not me but there are some outfits that might seem a good idea on the spot but prove to somehow miss the mark in the end.

            Don’t get me wrong, I love colour and I do wear it. But I wear it more as a splash of colour for a simple, basic outfit. I’m definitely not the girl you’ll see colour blocking – or not anymore. Maybe I’m starting to regret what I’ve just written – maybe I do love colour. Do I? I guess time will tell. 
I was wearing:
Zara jacket
Zara top
Massimo Dutti scarf 
H&M jeans
Zara boots
Forever 21 bag 
Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses
&Other Stories rings


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