Okay, so let’s talk transparency. Transparency is good, right? All companies talk about lately is how they aim to achieve maximum transparency towards their clients and employees. Corporate transparency describes the extent to which a corporation's actions are observable by outsiders. By doing that people are more inclined to invest, they’re less afraid of being scammed and employees are more committed.

            My parents have told me my whole life that they don’t really mind where I go as long as I drop them a text to let them know. (This is obviously quite a generous generalisation and they weren’t always indifferent but for the sake of the argument let’s just say they were) Some might say that transparency/honesty is the most important thing in a relationship –
It’s not that you kissed another guy, it’s that I had to find out from someone else – not that anyone would ever say that. But, all jokes aside, honesty aka transparency are very important in order to maintain relationships.

            Besides all personal matters, transparency has been all around us in fashion as well. Everything started when Furla launched their famous Candy Bags and even when they went out of style, or at least out of the public eye, the see-through trend persisted, moving from bag to bag, growing smaller and smaller in size. Even now, a perspex clutch or minaudiere is something most girls would like to have in their bag collection. American Apparel lately introduced see-through skirts which obviously lack the practical aspect of clothing, unless you want to flash everyone, and they don’t come with anything to sport underneath either despite their very steep price of £48. Bottom line, transparency seems to be pretty trendy. However, like with most trends, not everyone can sport them successfully. Transparency is good, until you give away too much. Just like those girls that try to sport sky-high heels without actually knowing how to walk in them – Vine-worthy disaster.

            Transparency is good for investors in a company but unequivocally bad for drugstore plastic bags. Honestly, is it so hard to make some plastic bags that don’t reveal their whole content? It’s not like anyone wants to walk around with a bag so shamelessly transparent that it could just as well scream “She’s got some Always ultra here!” Yep, it’s that time of the month again... At first I thought, why would anyone want to flash their tampons on the street? But then maybe they just didn’t have a bigger bag to shove them in, maybe they didn’t realise they were basically telling everyone that they were having their period until they got on the bus or underground and then, eventually, tried to hide the damn bag under a chair so no one else, beside the tens of people they’d just passed by, could see that. Poor girls. That’s just to show that just because it’s a trend not everyone should do it so beware the next time you buy your intimate products from a drugstore.   

So tell me, would you wear a clear skirt? Would you wear just a clear skirt? 

Pictures taken from Vogue, The Blonde Salad, illustration by me. 


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