The Head-to-Toe Exam

            I bet you’ve all been treated at least once with the head-to-toe exam, either from your grandmother saying how you should eat more or from a guy at a party assessing that you have all the bumps and curves one needs to attract a man’s attention. From my experience, whenever I go to a party, there has to be that one girl that makes all guys turn heads and all girls wish they were in her shoes. Yes, being validated by all the guys in a room probably feels great but let’s not forget we’re talking about fashion here. As with almost everything else (lately) fashion tends to go against what would traditionally be accepted as ‘the norm’ - see Leandra Medine’s definition of a man repeller.

            Peer assessment is generally very important and we all count upon it but I don’t think anyone would disagree if I said that, in the fashion industry, it’s essential. Let’s face it, as opinionated and fierce as fashion can get, being photographed by the likes of Scott Schuman or Tommy Ton can represent your validation in the industry. Any girl interested in fashion would probably agree with me, the most important validation you can get is from another girl just like you. Getting the head-to-toe exam from another girl is probably the most flattering thing that’s going to happen to you. Of course, the twofold aspect is that she might as well think you’re the equivalent of Faith Hill’s Oscars outfit in 2002. Fortunately (or not?!) girls in fashion don’t usually refrain their emotions so you’ll be able to notice if they in fact hate your outfit. But if they try to keep it cool, eyeing you from head-to-toe - some of them can be very discreet, it’s a matter of seconds to identify the items and brands one is wearing if you’ve got the experience - then you’re on the right track.

            To be honest, it doesn’t even matter if said person is in fashion or not. If someone whose style you like checks you out then that should be enough. So at the end, the head-to-toe exam is one of the best exams you could go through. If you’re dressed appropriately, of course. 

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