Shall We Make-Out?

FIRST KISS from Tatia Pilieva on Vimeo.

            Okay, so I was browsing the internet yesterday and I came across this video by Tatia Pilieva and my first thought was ‘this is so cool! I want to do this, too’ which is ironic because I most definitely wouldn’t go up to a stranger and say: “shall we make out now?”. Which is a shame because who knows? You might just come across the love of your life this way. You might as well get herpes but oh, well, I guess it’s a risk you’ll have to take.

            I remember in school the fights people would have if someone sat in another person’s desk. Oh the carnage... there’d be arguments and people would throw other people’s bags around and put theirs instead as if having your bag in a certain place would mark your territory. Implicitly, other people became collateral damage as they got hit by the mentioned bags and they would start screaming in turn creating this vicious circle that would only be cut off when the teacher came in. Then whoever got their desk stolen would sit in another one, probably closer to the teacher, and give deathly looks to the ‘thief’ all day long. I suppose no one likes to have their habits suddenly change. It’s always a bit sad to see a restaurant you’ve frequented for years close its doors or your favourite movie couples breaking up. You know they’ll get back together but, still, there’s something in there that wishes everything would’ve stayed the same. There was this old lady near my grandmother’s house that I would always see walking her dog in the park nearby until one day I didn’t see her anymore. I was quite sad, I was looking forward to seeing their matching outfits every day. Maybe she moved, maybe she died, maybe she just decided to go to another park, unaware of the routine I’d created in my mind of seeing them every day.

            It’s nice to see things that take us out of our comfort zone, that break the routine we’re in daily. And it’s even better to see how these things lead to fun, beautiful experiences. I guess that’s what this video is all about, the fun of getting out of your comfort zone.

            So, tell me, would you kiss a random stranger?


  1. Me encanta el post, está genial
    un besito


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