They say that in sales the secret to success depends on being able to make the client buy something he doesn’t need by making him think he actually does. This is, at the same time, some of the first things my dad taught me. It might not always be fair, not to the customer that ends up with a Toastmaster Electric Can Opener - Model TCO2 (white) anyway, but most of the time it brings results.

                This past weekend I’ve had a friend stay over and I applied the same principle, even though to a lesser extent and to the advantage of the both of us. I wouldn’t really take advantage of a friend like that, right? Seeing as I’ve embraced the title of certified Londoner (and yes, I do realize how dumb that might sound but I just can’t help it) I had an important say in planning our visiting schedule. So one particularly sunny day I took him up to South Kensington to visit the V&A, one of my favourite spots in London. Whenever I go there I feel like it’s more than a simple museum, it’s a place where you can spend a lovely afternoon relaxing and reading a good book. Since September I’ve had this little habit of going by the V&A every time I have a spare afternoon whenever the weather is nice. There’s one particular street around the main entrance that I’ve always been drawn to, where the sun seems to shine through and illuminate everything and I’ve always wanted to shoot some pictures over there. This time I totally took advantage of my friend and made him my photographer and I’m really pleased with the result. Silly me, I forgot the memory card for my camera so I had to go back and get it, otherwise these pictures wouldn’t even have existed.

As for my outfit, I just went with something quite casual, but wore my pinstripe blazer to spice it up a bit. I’m all for the elegant but simple look nowadays. Somehow, wearing such tailored pieces boosts your confidence and gives me a bit more confidence than usual, even on such casual occasions.

I hope you enjoy, have a great week! 

I was wearing:
Uniqlo jeans
Zara blazer
Topshop scarf
Musette bag
Ray-Ban sunglasses
Vintage sweater


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