Ode to Spring

  I’m not sure if it’s just in Romania or not but the 1st of March is a significant celebration of spring. We all buy or make little symbols of luck and appreciation and give them to our family and friends and little red and white weaved strings are added to them. This year I’m celebrating this day away from the ones I would have normally given my gifts to but I’ll stay close to them in thought.

            I just want to wish everyone, whether or not you celebrate the Martisor (the Romanian name for the holiday), a very happy spring, filled with joy and beautiful experiences. No matter where you are from, whether you’re close to your family or not, whether you are happy or sad, young or old this is a time to celebrate and to enjoy the approach of spring. The sun is here to shine for us.


  1. I love when I'm discovering new things about my friends! Miss you :*

  2. Glad you like it!! Can't wait to see youu xx


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