There are few things in the world that can speak to everyone. Art is one of them. Whether you love it or hate it, it inevitably wakes up a feeling in everyone. We might not understand or like every piece of art but there’s definitely one that speaks to everyone in a special way. What I love about art is that it’s so versatile. Art is everything – from painting to dancing – and everything in between.

            Now, I’ve got to admit, a lot of pieces confuse me and sometimes I think some of them look like my craft projects in school. Show me a dot on a big white canvas and I’ll laugh; maybe I’m not that profound or cultivated but I like my art with a bit more substance. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it literal, I love trying to decipher the meaning behind it but I would rather it was more complex.

            Anyway, what’s beautiful about art is that even though after a while you start knowing what you like and you realize you gravitate towards a certain type there’s the odd piece that surprises you, something you would have never paid attention to, an artist you wouldn’t typically prefer. Then there’s innovative intertwining of still art and motion or sound, experiences that delight every sense in every possible way you would have never imagined.

            Last weekend I went to ART14 with a friend that’s an art aficionado as well and, compared to me, an actual artist. The exhibition took place at Olympia Grand Hall in London and the space was absolutely huge. By the end of the day our backs were aching and we were extremely thirsty – something the organisers must have anticipated when pricing a bottle of water at £2.40. But it was definitely worth it. I was especially impressed by the photography selection – so many interesting angles and perspectives. The tickets were £12 with concession, £18 for a regular one and you could also buy a double one which was £27. You could also have a drink inside at one of the several cafes or at the champagne bar. And there was also a restaurant, with a different menu created by another chef every day. All in all, I believe it was something worth seeing and an interesting alternative to the usual art galleries in London.

            Hope you enjoy the pictures!

DSC_0814 DSC_08261 DSC_0820 DSC_0822 DSC_0828 DSC_0834 DSC_0850 DSC_0856 DSC_07481 DSC_07501 DSC_07551 DSC_07561 DSC_07571 DSC_07821


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