I’ve probably said this way too many times and my friends have definitely had enough but with every day I become more and more in love with London. Some of my friends that have been living here for a couple of years used to tell me that after a while you get used to everything and it loses its charm. I don’t think so. There’s always something new to be seen in London and even the streets you’ve walked a thousand times before seem to be different every time. Or at least that’s how I feel. I spent last weekend walking a friend around London and so I got to see some of my favourite spots as well.

            I always find it amazing how London offers so much diversity but sometimes it seems like such a small city. It just happens from time to time that I run into someone I know on the street and it feels so random. What are the chances that out of 8 million people you’d get to see someone you know around town? It always makes me feel small but in a good way, it comes to show that there’s familiarity even in this incredible diversity.

            These pictures come to show an area that I particularly love in London, South Kensington and the V&A. Every street is picture perfect, every corner identical. Of course, when you’ve got a dead battery and no idea where you actually are because every street looks the same you start feeling like you’re in a maze with no exit but nevertheless a beautiful one. The weather was definitely on our side, I was out in a blazer (!!!) and the sun was shining, so I couldn’t ask for anything else.

            What is your favourite spot where you live?


All pictures were taken by me 


  1. I love England too! I need to go back and visit soon xx


    1. You definitely should, there are so many incredible places to visit!

  2. So incredibly gorgeous!



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