Wet Look


                When I was in school my mother taught me to prepare my clothes for the next day the previous night so I didn’t have to worry about that early in the morning. Call me OCD but I still do that. You know how people have those guilty pleasures that they’d never admit to? Well, don’t judge me, but sometimes I have an outfit calendar. I don’t do it purposefully, it’s just that sometimes I get an idea and I just feel like wearing a certain outfit sometime the following days. And most of the time I just allocate a day for it. To some extent, this is quite useful and helps me stay organised – it minimises the chances that “I’ve got nothing to wear” would happen. But, on the other hand, many times it just gets in the way. Sometimes I have my plan and I can’t wait to wear a great outfit I’d envisioned in my mind but then I wake up in the morning and realise that I can’t – mostly because of the weather.

                So now I have my ideal outfit, and I’m really in the mood for wearing it, but it’s not physically possible. So what to do? In this case I just know that I’ll either be late for whatever I was supposed to do or I’ll be miserable the whole day. Why? Because I get so excited over the prospects of wearing my ideal combo that when I can’t do that what happens is the “I don’t like anything else” syndrome. This is even worse than “I’ve got nothing to wear” because this time I actually begin hating everything else in my wardrobe.  So, option A is that I spend way too much time on finding something else that I would like to wear or, option B, I just put on the first thing that comes to hand, confirm the fact that I hate it and leave.

                The point is weather is a bitch sometimes. A couple of days ago I was in the mood for trying something new so I decided to go with the “wet look” effect. Plus, I needed to wash my hair but I was too lazy. So I just put on a ton of hairspray and came up with what you see in the pictures. However, the weather played a trick on me and, as it happens in the UK, it started raining. Note to everyone out there: Do not try to rock the wet-look hair when it’s actually raining outside – everyone else is. Plus, it gets really weird when you go inside and your hair doesn’t eventually dry just like everyone else’s. So you just have to pretend that your hair did actually get wet from the rain and then run away so people can't see it staying like that for the rest of the day or you can just put it up in a bun and be done with it. So much for trying something new but at least if people actually believe it's from the rain it means you've got quite a good wet-look! Anyway, I know this isn’t really an everyday look and some of you might not like it but still, what do you think? Have you ever tried it, would you ever try it? 


I was wearing
Hugo Boss jacket
Fur vest from local store
Uniqlo jeans
Converse shoes
Karen Millen turtleneck
Forever 21 bag


  1. Nu imi place acest outfit invechit ,viu colorat,bogat in accesorii deoarece este putin neinspirat si neglijent. Pot spune ca incaltarile nu sunt impresionante asortandu'se cu coafiura, iar aceasta nu este foarte avantajoasa pentru forma fetei tale. Ai putea incerca ceva mai putin incarcat. In poze ai o atitudine super dandy, relaxata, piciorul pliat denota naturalete. Cerceii merg foarte bine cu catarama gentii care dupa parerea mea este putin prea extravaganta. Am vazut ca vesta este cumparata din piata, dar este destul de rafinata si eleganta astfel incat sa nu ne duca cu gandul la un circ odios. Asteptam ceva mai bun de la tine. De data asta te vei clasa la prost imbracati in topul meu. Data urmatoare incearca colanti animal print si un top cu calaretul acela desenat pe piept si cu guleru ridicat, deoarece va reveni in tendinte sezonul urmator.


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