After five months of bitching about the food that we’re supplied with at our canteen I just realized that there’s one good thing about it. I’ve probably had some of the weirdest and most interesting discussions there. I don’t know if it’s the tasteless rice or the overcooked pasta but somehow we come up with the strangest conversations. Today, for example, I found out cocaine comes in multiple forms. I feel that a disclaimer is needed; this was in fact a conversation on a Toxicology course at Uni and not one of our regular topics of discussion.

Having that in mind, I went back to my room and turned to my own addiction – the Asos sale. Whenever there’s 70% sales on Asos I feel the need of coming back every single day. Even if I browse every page I still naively expect to find something new the next time, maybe a hidden gem that I’ve always wanted and I can now get at a fraction of the initial price. Needless to say, more often than not, I don’t find anything. Today, however, was a different story.

Today I decided to browse the coat section, seeing as I have a growing coat obsession, and through a miracle from above I stumbled upon this gorgeous French Connection colour block leather jacket – just when I was thinking that I should get another leather jacket. And it’s 50% off! So I opened a new tab and continued browsing for the fun of it. But guess what, 2 minutes later I find this cobalt blue coat that reminded me of the Maje one I’ve been drooling over for the past two seasons. So I open another new tab and keep that in mind as well. If there’s a thin line between love and hatred there’s an even thinner one between sales and dementia. As I said, I’m usually lucky enough to find one piece that has been on my wish-list for a long time and to decide to buy it. However, this time I’ve got 6 pieces that are at great prices, that I’ve wanted for quite a while and that I envision wearing on multiple occasions. So now what? I obviously have to settle for one.

But which one? Please help.


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