I’m writing this post while waiting for my flight home, hoping that my battery doesn’t die before I manage to press ‘publish’. To be honest, I never noticed how relaxing writing can be, it takes your mind off of worrying for the gate opening or closing or you missing a flight. I should do this more often. But anyway, today’s post is something quite different from what I usually do so I hope you enjoy.

There’s a story at the beginning of The Little Prince about how the narrator once drew a caricature of a boa constrictor with an elephant in its stomach and every adult he showed it to mistakenly took it for a hat. This obviously came to show just how much adults lacked creativity in comparison to children. However, nowadays, we grow up surrounded by concepts and conventions that even children abide to. There are so many things that we form an opinion of based on other people’s opinions rather than our own. We should always eat our vegetables because our parents told us so, never wear white to a wedding and never date a best-friends’ ex. Some people don’t even know who Kim Kardashian is but they think badly of her which, to be honest, isn’t really fair no matter who you’re talking about. To each his own only goes a short way, and so many things lose their personality by having to be in a certain way. If she smiled she’s interested, if you call too soon he’ll think you’re needy, fashion is superficial and football players are stupid. So many times most people can’t see beneath these labels.

            So, seeing as today is Valentine’s Day, I decided to have a little celebration of love here on the blog. But, and this is a big but, this celebration is not about love as a whole, as a concept, but about each and everyone’s different love. No two persons are alike and love can mean so many different things to so many people. So I went ahead and asked some of my friends to share with me what love means to them and to then summarize it in one word. Funny thing is, most of them couldn’t just use the one word they’d chosen and I guess this is not at all strange, seeing how complex our own concept of love is most of the time. Thank you to everyone who offered me a bit of their time to think about this thing going on my silly blog and thank you for giving me the opportunity to see how love can actually have so many facets. So here you go.

What does love mean to you?

I: to me, love is that special feeling when you truly and blindly believe it’s going to last forever. That you could never see yourself with anyone else simply because you only feel at home in his/her arms.

A: Love is like art, it’s beautiful but it also has its bad sides. Everyone will understand it differently and feel it according to their unique life experiences. In the end, it can never be deciphered and there’s always room for interpretation.

V: Love is when you want to do absolutely everything with the other person, from travelling to eating.. when you want her to be included in everything you do because her simple presence there makes everything more interesting.

C: Love is happiness.

M: It might not sound like much but seeing as I’m quite the foodie, love to me is wanting to share your food with the one you love despite being hungry yourself.
            I think it’s so infinitely interesting to see how people perceive love and the ones around them. Somehow, no matter how generic the subject of love might seem, everyone comes up with their own answers and their own reasons for loving.

            I have a very simple answer to this question, one that I can summarize in a single word. For me, love is...home. 

So tell me, what is love for you?


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