Tuesday, 18 February 2014

London Fashion Week in Review

Today’s title is just the tiny bit ironic. For the past few years I’ve regretted not living in one of the world’s fashion capitals and not being able to attend (or at least lurk around) Fashion Week. I used to dream about the day I’d move to London and walk into Somerset House all dressed up and ready for a show. So now that I’ve moved to London and LFW was in full swing these past 4 days I thought the best thing to do would be to go home. So now you get why this post is in itself ironic. Even more ironic is that I decided to leave on the exact day Fashion Week started. Not one day later. Obviously, it wasn’t on purpose, I was just so excited about going home on reading week that when I booked my tickets in December I didn’t even give a single thought to the prospect of Fashion Week. Oh, well, I guess, there’s always another one in September, one that I plan on actually attending. What is more, in my defence, not considering fashion week shows just how much I love my family and friends and how much I actually wanted to come back. There is a silver lining after all.

Anyway, in celebration of the Fashion Week I couldn’t attend here are some of the LFW streetstyle snaps I loved across the internet this week. Hope you enjoy! 

Photo credits Stockholm Streetstyle.

Friday, 14 February 2014


            I’m writing this post while waiting for my flight home, hoping that my battery doesn’t die before I manage to press ‘publish’. To be honest, I never noticed how relaxing writing can be, it takes your mind off of worrying for the gate opening or closing or you missing a flight. I should do this more often. But anyway, today’s post is something quite different from what I usually do so I hope you enjoy.

There’s a story at the beginning of The Little Prince about how the narrator once drew a caricature of a boa constrictor with an elephant in its stomach and every adult he showed it to mistakenly took it for a hat. This obviously came to show just how much adults lacked creativity in comparison to children. However, nowadays, we grow up surrounded by concepts and conventions that even children abide to. There are so many things that we form an opinion of based on other people’s opinions rather than our own. We should always eat our vegetables because our parents told us so, never wear white to a wedding and never date a best-friends’ ex. Some people don’t even know who Kim Kardashian is but they think badly of her which, to be honest, isn’t really fair no matter who you’re talking about. To each his own only goes a short way, and so many things lose their personality by having to be in a certain way. If she smiled she’s interested, if you call too soon he’ll think you’re needy, fashion is superficial and football players are stupid. So many times most people can’t see beneath these labels.

            So, seeing as today is Valentine’s Day, I decided to have a little celebration of love here on the blog. But, and this is a big but, this celebration is not about love as a whole, as a concept, but about each and everyone’s different love. No two persons are alike and love can mean so many different things to so many people. So I went ahead and asked some of my friends to share with me what love means to them and to then summarize it in one word. Funny thing is, most of them couldn’t just use the one word they’d chosen and I guess this is not at all strange, seeing how complex our own concept of love is most of the time. Thank you to everyone who offered me a bit of their time to think about this thing going on my silly blog and thank you for giving me the opportunity to see how love can actually have so many facets. So here you go.

What does love mean to you?

I: to me, love is that special feeling when you truly and blindly believe it’s going to last forever. That you could never see yourself with anyone else simply because you only feel at home in his/her arms.

A: Love is like art, it’s beautiful but it also has its bad sides. Everyone will understand it differently and feel it according to their unique life experiences. In the end, it can never be deciphered and there’s always room for interpretation.

V: Love is when you want to do absolutely everything with the other person, from travelling to eating.. when you want her to be included in everything you do because her simple presence there makes everything more interesting.

C: Love is happiness.

M: It might not sound like much but seeing as I’m quite the foodie, love to me is wanting to share your food with the one you love despite being hungry yourself.
            I think it’s so infinitely interesting to see how people perceive love and the ones around them. Somehow, no matter how generic the subject of love might seem, everyone comes up with their own answers and their own reasons for loving.

            I have a very simple answer to this question, one that I can summarize in a single word. For me, love is...home. 

So tell me, what is love for you?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Inspiration #16

Never would I have thought that some day I would be showing Kim K as my inspiration in any department. I'm definitely not the first one to say it but ever since Kanye her style has had a 180 change (even though her beloved Birkins haven't left her side) and I love it. She's been sporting cropped tops like crazy lately and it's just making me want to have one in every colour and material. No more band-aid dresses, no more cleavage, no more vulgarity. Not to mention the coats she's been wearing the past months. 

This picture makes me dream of spring/summer and, as I've mentioned a couple of posts before, my transition from all black to nudes and pastels. You go Kim K! 

Monday, 10 February 2014


It’s that time of year again - Valentine’s Day. Most of you are probably looking for Valentine’s cards and some early birds might even have bought theirs weeks in advance. I might say I’ve already been eased into the whole Valentine’s Day conundrum (which would be to put it mildly) seeing as most stores have already displayed their paraphernalia of love-inspired tidbits. Just the other day I was in Paperchase looking for a notebook and some 5 steps away from the daily planners I was attacked by masses of heart shaped glittery candles and pink cards and notebooks. I debated whether to get the set of candles – at least for the glitter that would’ve instantly turned my dorm room into a Princess bedroom and my tiny bed into a canopy one – and keep it as my dirty little secret, but then decided against it if only because, well, we’re not allowed to have candles in our rooms.

Along the years I’ve grown to develop a belief that there are three types of people in the world: the ones that love Valentine’s Day, the ones that loathe it, and the ones that complain about all the loving and loathing taking place on Facebook timelines across the world on February 14th. Oh, and then there’s me. Growing up in Romania we never really celebrated Valentine’s Day and it definitely wasn’t a big deal. Not to mention that I’m far from being an easy person to impress and definitely not one that appreciates spoony, mushy displays of affection. I’m more of an “If I love you, I do it every day of the year” person and – stop right there – that’s had nothing to do with my relationship status on Valentine’s Day over the years. So while some of you might be looking out for a date on V-Day I want to ask you the classical feminist question that arises whenever some of my girlfriends find themselves in the dilemma of not having a boyfriend and feeling sad because of that. Do we really need someone to complete us? Obviously, it’s nice to have someone you can talk to every day or meet up with, that pays special attention to you and makes you feel appreciated but is it necessary? Should one feel sad if they don’t have that on Valentine’s Day?  And I’ve always been an advocate for self-completion. I think boyfriends are a wonderful thing but I think single life can be just as well. It all depends on what you make of it.

You never really believe a thing until it happens to you though.  It is actually true that love comes when you least expect it. And that’s what happened to me last weekend. I was out around town and I decided to go visit someone that always makes me feel loved and special. Our relationship is a love-hate one because when we’re together I feel like the most beautiful person in the world but when I'm left alone again I realize that I was just being manipulated and led on to believe that. However, I always go back trying to achieve the impossible. This time though, the story was very different. It’s always been obvious that secrets were being kept from me but in the end I think I found out what I was doing wrong and I think our relationship is even stronger than before – mine and Victoria’s Secret I mean, if you were wondering. I should just stop believing that bikinis would look the same on me as they look on Candice Swanepoel. What is even better is that I didn’t end up with one true love, but three. And they’re each so different and yet so perfect – the Sensual Blush body wash, body lotion and fragrance mist. I just imagine myself going on three very different romantic destinations –The body wash would obviously take me to Hawaii on a surfing getaway this Valentine’s day while the moisturizer would prefer the French Alps so my skin will stay soft even in cold weather and skiing gear. And the fragrance mist... well it just couldn’t resist the classic Paris V-Day city break just because he’s the most romantic of the three.

So guys, what are your Valentine’s Day plans? Any romantic escapades?

Saturday, 8 February 2014

American Psycho

                I believe Samuel Johnson was the one who said “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. It might have become somewhat of a cliché by now but there are places I’ve been to in London that definitely made me think I’m not in Kansas anymore and there’s always plenty of them left to see.

            Last week I went to see American Psycho, the musical, with my friends. So I thought what would be better that this post in anticipation of Valentine’s Day? When I heard there was a musical made after American Psycho I cringed much like I did when I saw Russell Crowe in Les Miserables. I feel that there’s some movies that just can’t be turned into musicals and actors that should not be made to sing (Russell Crowe *wink wink*). But, carpe diem (or its much more popular counterpart -YOLO) I said and went off to see it after hearing really good reviews. And I truly enjoyed it. Rupert Gold managed to make Psycho’s scary character shine through without making it cheesy all while the music spilled some irony at exactly the right moment. There have been comments on Matt Smith’s performance either that he couldn’t transmit the same intensity as Christian Bale or that his voice wasn’t up to par. But, as someone who was watching the performance for the first time, without knowing what to expect and without reading any kind of reviews beforehand I can only say that I was impressed. However, just as a disclaimer, my feelings might have been altered by the first 30 seconds of the play. Those of you who have already seen it should know what I mean and those of you who don’t all I’ve got to say is...Matt Smith and a six-pack (his own if you’re confused).

            What I probably find the most difficult in art is placing irony at the right place. If you don’t do irony right it’s just like having to explain a joke – pointless. Surprisingly, most of the moments I remember from the performance are musical ones. It might be the 80s which, to be honest, can make anyone get up and dance or at least tap their foot to the rhythm or just the huge projection screens.

But, what is most important is that besides being an entertaining production, American Psycho delivers powerful universal truths. It is a known fact that there are very few things in the fashion world that come before Manolo Blahnik. Or else put, “there’s nothing ironic in our love of Manolo Blahnik”. If anything should be sacred in the fashion world, it should be Manolo Blahnik, me thinks. Reality dawned on us during that faithful episode of Sex and the City where Carrie’s Manolos were stolen from Kyra’s party and women finally realized how important their Right to Shoes should be. Far from ironic, Manolos are definitely iconic, which shows us just how important a single letter can be. So for anyone remotely interested in fashion, even if you don’t like Psycho (but to be honest, who doesn’t?), go and see the musical, there’s life lessons to be gained. Life lessons such as ‘won’t touch a drop of red wine / Don’t want to ruin the Calvin Klein’. So go prepared to take notes, girls! 

Thursday, 6 February 2014


                After five months of bitching about the food that we’re supplied with at our canteen I just realized that there’s one good thing about it. I’ve probably had some of the weirdest and most interesting discussions there. I don’t know if it’s the tasteless rice or the overcooked pasta but somehow we come up with the strangest conversations. Today, for example, I found out cocaine comes in multiple forms. I feel that a disclaimer is needed; this was in fact a conversation on a Toxicology course at Uni and not one of our regular topics of discussion.

Having that in mind, I went back to my room and turned to my own addiction – the Asos sale. Whenever there’s 70% sales on Asos I feel the need of coming back every single day. Even if I browse every page I still naively expect to find something new the next time, maybe a hidden gem that I’ve always wanted and I can now get at a fraction of the initial price. Needless to say, more often than not, I don’t find anything. Today, however, was a different story.

Today I decided to browse the coat section, seeing as I have a growing coat obsession, and through a miracle from above I stumbled upon this gorgeous French Connection colour block leather jacket – just when I was thinking that I should get another leather jacket. And it’s 50% off! So I opened a new tab and continued browsing for the fun of it. But guess what, 2 minutes later I find this cobalt blue coat that reminded me of the Maje one I’ve been drooling over for the past two seasons. So I open another new tab and keep that in mind as well. If there’s a thin line between love and hatred there’s an even thinner one between sales and dementia. As I said, I’m usually lucky enough to find one piece that has been on my wish-list for a long time and to decide to buy it. However, this time I’ve got 6 pieces that are at great prices, that I’ve wanted for quite a while and that I envision wearing on multiple occasions. So now what? I obviously have to settle for one.

But which one? Please help.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Wet Look


                When I was in school my mother taught me to prepare my clothes for the next day the previous night so I didn’t have to worry about that early in the morning. Call me OCD but I still do that. You know how people have those guilty pleasures that they’d never admit to? Well, don’t judge me, but sometimes I have an outfit calendar. I don’t do it purposefully, it’s just that sometimes I get an idea and I just feel like wearing a certain outfit sometime the following days. And most of the time I just allocate a day for it. To some extent, this is quite useful and helps me stay organised – it minimises the chances that “I’ve got nothing to wear” would happen. But, on the other hand, many times it just gets in the way. Sometimes I have my plan and I can’t wait to wear a great outfit I’d envisioned in my mind but then I wake up in the morning and realise that I can’t – mostly because of the weather.

                So now I have my ideal outfit, and I’m really in the mood for wearing it, but it’s not physically possible. So what to do? In this case I just know that I’ll either be late for whatever I was supposed to do or I’ll be miserable the whole day. Why? Because I get so excited over the prospects of wearing my ideal combo that when I can’t do that what happens is the “I don’t like anything else” syndrome. This is even worse than “I’ve got nothing to wear” because this time I actually begin hating everything else in my wardrobe.  So, option A is that I spend way too much time on finding something else that I would like to wear or, option B, I just put on the first thing that comes to hand, confirm the fact that I hate it and leave.

                The point is weather is a bitch sometimes. A couple of days ago I was in the mood for trying something new so I decided to go with the “wet look” effect. Plus, I needed to wash my hair but I was too lazy. So I just put on a ton of hairspray and came up with what you see in the pictures. However, the weather played a trick on me and, as it happens in the UK, it started raining. Note to everyone out there: Do not try to rock the wet-look hair when it’s actually raining outside – everyone else is. Plus, it gets really weird when you go inside and your hair doesn’t eventually dry just like everyone else’s. So you just have to pretend that your hair did actually get wet from the rain and then run away so people can't see it staying like that for the rest of the day or you can just put it up in a bun and be done with it. So much for trying something new but at least if people actually believe it's from the rain it means you've got quite a good wet-look! Anyway, I know this isn’t really an everyday look and some of you might not like it but still, what do you think? Have you ever tried it, would you ever try it? 


I was wearing
Hugo Boss jacket
Fur vest from local store
Uniqlo jeans
Converse shoes
Karen Millen turtleneck
Forever 21 bag

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Up in the Air

I just wanted to share this video I made on the plane to London. It was the first time in a long while that I flew at noon and I could enjoy this incredible view.  I just think it’s incredible how calm everything seems when you’re in a plane and how fast and loud everything would actually be if we could see it from the outside.

I hope you have an amazing week! 
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