As I was saying in one of my previous posts, a while ago I had an epiphany and realized my wardrobe had been slowly taken over by black and grey so I started a little detox diet towards a more cheerful and colourful selection of garments. I still couldn't go all the way out so instead of going for red, green and yellow (i.e. actual colours) I just moved to the other side of the spectrum towards white, nudes, pale pinks with little pops of black and grey. 

Zara coat/Topshop white jeans/A.P.C cashmere scarf/Topshop Ethereal nailpolish
             These are my ultimate mood boards for spring and the next season - classical with some strong details.

N.B. I still haven't purchased any of these items, so I'm still in the all-black phase but I'm trying to gather the courage to buy some of these things. 

                I must say, the thing I struggle with the most is white jeans. I love the idea of them and how they look on other people but I don't know why I haven't found the white jeans I can feel comfortable in. I always feel like my legs look to big in them, that they don't fit me right. So I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair. Does this happen to you too? Is it that white jeans are universally less flattering than the classic dark wash? (or any other was for that matter)  


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