Friday, 31 January 2014


Disney, you did it again. I’m not a big sucker for fairytales but I just can’t resist the classics, especially Disney. There’s something about these stories that makes you feel better no matter how sad you were before, they make you believe in something that obviously doesn’t happen in real life.

I had no idea Maleficent was being produced, not to mention that Angelina would be the lead, but when I saw the trailer I was hooked. Can’t wait for it to be in cinemas! 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


DSC_03471Last year I started Portraits on the blog and I posted a couple of portraits I'd taken of myself. This year I plan on keeping it up and posting even more seeing as I've purchased a tripod since. I hope you guys like them, can't wait to hear your opinions! 

Saturday, 25 January 2014


              As I was saying in one of my previous posts, a while ago I had an epiphany and realized my wardrobe had been slowly taken over by black and grey so I started a little detox diet towards a more cheerful and colourful selection of garments. I still couldn't go all the way out so instead of going for red, green and yellow (i.e. actual colours) I just moved to the other side of the spectrum towards white, nudes, pale pinks with little pops of black and grey. 

Zara coat/Topshop white jeans/A.P.C cashmere scarf/Topshop Ethereal nailpolish
             These are my ultimate mood boards for spring and the next season - classical with some strong details.

N.B. I still haven't purchased any of these items, so I'm still in the all-black phase but I'm trying to gather the courage to buy some of these things. 

                I must say, the thing I struggle with the most is white jeans. I love the idea of them and how they look on other people but I don't know why I haven't found the white jeans I can feel comfortable in. I always feel like my legs look to big in them, that they don't fit me right. So I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair. Does this happen to you too? Is it that white jeans are universally less flattering than the classic dark wash? (or any other was for that matter)  

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Inspiration #15

I have no words when it comes to these pictures. I just love everything about them, from the dark lipstick that has been a favourite of mine this season, to the incredible tailoring and structure of the clothes. What do you guys think of them?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


                I shot these photos when I was back home and this was the last outfit I managed to shoot before leaving for London so it’ll probably be a while until I upload a new outfit post. However, I’m very pleased to introduce you to my favourite item this winter – my new oversized coat. Ever since the Kate Moss for Mango collection was launched I’ve been craving an oversized jacket. I didn’t get to buy the initial one that I loved but this year Mango came out with this little number that is fairly similar. I must say, I still have to get used to the oversized aspect and to find some more ways of combining it with different clothing items but I’m absolutely in love with it!

                What do you guys think? Do you wear such oversized garments? 

I'm wearing:
Mango coat
H&M shirt
Topshop jeans
Zara boots
Bimba y Lola bag

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Going Places

If someone would give me the choice to do whatever I wished in life I would probably choose travelling. My ultimate goal would be to travel the whole world, to visit every little crane and island on the planet, until there’s nothing more to see. Travelling is such a big part of everyone’s life whether or not one has actually left the boundaries of their home country. We start studying history in school and, whether we like it or not, (take it from someone who so much as hated history in school) we get transported to different ages and places. And even if you haven’t attended history classes in school that tumblr picture you posted of a pool somewhere exotic does the same trick.

I probably travel daily, mentally. There’s so many ways to travel, ways that don’t even involve money or booking tickets. The journey you take on your first day of college or university, that’s travelling towards a new phase of your life. Ever since I left for university I’ve realised that travelling is very different to simply going places. When I was younger and I used to go on holiday with my parents one of the most exciting things for me was flying or travelling by car for a couple of days. And truth be told it was indeed great. However, in the past three months I have taken 8 flights and several connection trains which, far from being exciting, were stressful and nerve-racking. Having to take care of your bags and making sure that you won’t exceed the weight limit on your luggage (which I always do), carrying all your documents and simply dragging around a 10kg hand bag that holds your laptop, your camera, books and what-not is such a pain when you’re alone.

The last time I came home I had the worst flight of my life. Actually no, the worst day of my life. I’d left 4 hours earlier just to be safe and still ended up running for my life so the gate wouldn’t close. There was a tube delay, I had to change trains – ended up on the Heathrow Express, had to pay for that ticket as well, had to change terminals on the Heathrow Express, to clear 6 kg out of my bags because, apparently, hand luggage is also weighed and just went through hell, all topped up with a delay on my connection flight. I honestly remember every minute and every second of that day, from the moment I envisioned myself missing my flight and being stuck in London for I don’t know how long until I got to hug my parents and my friends and to burst into tears of gratitude for making it back safely. When travelling alone there are so many problems you encounter and so many more unpredictable events. And, to be honest, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain a clear head.

However, on my flight back to London I got to experience the most incredible view and I was able to feel like I was still travelling and not just going places. It was quite an extraordinary feeling to see the calm and the silence outside, imagining how we, the passengers of that flight, were just a tiny, noisy spot rushing through the clouds. So, I guess what I want to say is that it’s important to appreciate every minute you’ve got, every moment of silence and peace, because even though you might not realise it that very moment, they’re essential to a good way of living. 


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Back Home

I'm so excited to be back home for the Christmas holidays, close to my family and friends. Although uni is great and living in a city like London is a totally unique experience nothing is quite like home. I haven't really worried about dressing up, this is basically the uniform I've been wearing every day. I've noticed that my wardrobe is slowly taken over by the colour black and even though I know it's bad, it feels so good - I've been into all black outfits for quite a while. I'm trying to infuse some colour into it so I'm hunting for a pastel coat (already have my eyes on a nice pastel blue Zara specimen). Although I had the worst journey back home - my luggage was overweight and I had to throw away 6 kg of make-up and chocolate I'd bought as presents - being at home is such a great reward so I'm trying to take advantage of every second I have to spend with my family and friends. Everyone should do the same during Christmas time, no present in the world can make up for your loved ones and it took me a while to realize that. Our families are the most important gift anyone could receive and we should always cherish them.
I wish you all a great New Year's Eve party and advise you to let go of all the resolutions, just live in the moment, try to be a better person and change for the better indifferent of whether a new year is coming because, in the end, these are all conventions that shouldn't matter that much.
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