Tuesday, 22 October 2013


The iSnaps are back! 
Here is one I took on my way back home from Manchester. It's still very strange to call London as my home, but I guess it is... My home far away from home. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

El Teide

During our holiday in Tenerife we did one more thing that I believe deserves its own post. We visited the impressive Teide - a 3000m volcano that has given the island its black sand beaches and volcanic nature. Julia and I did this by ourselves the day before leaving the island. It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I might be exaggerating but to me it was perfect. I'm not very passionate about nature, I don't camp, I can't say that I don't mind insects and I absolutely hate grass that pinches my ankles. But when I get to see such beautiful scenery, places that don't seem real, I'm dumbfounded. Every second I spent there, the 4 hour drive and the time spent near the actual volcano, seemed to be a dream. I honestly believe the photos will be able to tell you more than I can. Julia got so tired of me saying that it looked like the Wild Wild West (I might have said that one too many times indeed) but I just couldn't believe my eyes and my heart was pounding. 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Tenerife Diary

I got so caught up with preparations for University that I totally forgot sharing these beautiful pictures I shot in Tenerife less than two months ago. Opposed to Venice, which was a shower of culture and history, this holiday was meant to be for relaxing and allowing our brains to de-crease a bit. 

The island of Tenerife was the first place that my parents went to together outside of our country after the 1989 revolution and end of the Communist Era. My smarty-pants dad won an award at work and they got to stay in the Bahia del Duque, one of the most prestigious hotels on the island, where Juan Carlos I used to stay as well. Even now they tell me stories about their stay there and how impressed they were with... everything. I bet you know how it feels to have such beautiful memories of a place, memories that are only yours and that make you happy whenever, no matter how much time has passed. Somehow, my parents transferred their beautiful memories and their love for this place to me as well, even before I'd seen it myself. So when I got to see it as well, the love only grew. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Essentials

Okay, so let's talk make-up. I've never been a heavy make-up user and I love the feeling of my natural make-up free face. I've always admired those women with sharp features and beautiful bone structures that managed to look stunning with what seemed the faintest amount of make-up. I don't think I'll ever be one of those women but I have begun to understand what I like to wear and what I don't in terms of make-up. 

So today I just want to show you my everyday steps for a look that is natural but still emphasizes your best features. On days when I want something simple and effective I use steps 1-3,9 and 11 and when I want some more contouring I add the rest as well! 

Monday, 14 October 2013


I assume the good weather in the UK was actually too good to be true. Temperatures have finally fallen here as well and autumn seems to be claiming her place. Still, British people still bare their legs and wear flats. I'm too European though to handle these low temperatures so I put on my thickest sweater and my boots and faced the wind. I also hung an angry fellow to my neck just to replicate my face in the morning when there's 8 degrees outside. 

I'm still experimenting with my camera, I don't have a tripod yet so the focus isn't as good as I expected it to be but I'm slowly getting there. There's the miracle of editing and contrast enhancing. 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Is It Time?

You tell me. Just like the Isabel Marant platform sneakers, Nike's Air Max have become quite the fashion item and everyone was sporting them at Fashion Week (even with highly suggestive printed socks). I'm really not complaining about flats becoming so popular because I wasn't a high-heel type of girl anyway. But, just like the Isabel Marant's that I profoundly disliked the first time I saw them on Chiara Ferragni HERE but ended up loving them, the Air Max seems to have the same effect. 

A few months ago I came to the conclusion that, in fashion, you can't really call things ugly. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and dislike certain items because they don't fit our conventions. But the thing with fashion is that it's so interpretative, it all depends on styling. For example, I still don't like the particular Isabel Marant's in the article linked above, but simply because of the colour. After seeing them in black I was totally sold. 

So I guess it's the same with the Air Max's after seeing a particular photo of Julia Sarr Samois on Stockholm Streetstyle. I leave you with some pictures that have inspired me into buying the Air Max. What do you guys think? Is it time to get on the bandwagon? Do you own the Air Max? Or are you still not convinced by them? 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Somerset House

As you guys have seen in the previous post, last Sunday I went to Somerset House for a nice afternoon in London. Although my prime objective were the outfit photos I did also take some really beautiful pictures in and around Somerset House. I'm really proud with them and the atmosphere I manage to capture, as they show the exact mood I was in and the beauty of the moments I captured. 
I just hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did capturing them.

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Boyfriend

It's been a bit more difficult for me lately to shoot outfit photos. I'm still not completely at ease with taking photos of myself and my outfits while some people stare. My mom's been continuously telling me to do my thing without caring about prying eyes but it's still a bit strange to feel loads of eyes set on me thinking: "what is she doing??". So yesterday morning I just decided to go out for a walk to Somerset House. It's obviously one of the most important venues for London Fashion Week but I wanted to visit it without all the craziness that comes with LFW. I expected it to be pretty empty, as it had been the last time I'd seen it but the unexpectedly beautiful weather made everyone head outside. 

These are the photos I managed to shoot.I took my boyfriend jeans out for a spin and paired them with my leopard print flats. I've been into really basic outfits lately and this one illustrates my mood perfectly. Basic, with catchy accessories. 

Friday, 4 October 2013


I'm writing this post in the hind-sight of one of the least productive days I've had in a while. Some might argue, what about last weekend you spent in bed watching cheesy tv shows? I would reply that what doesn't require me to leave the premises of my warm bed is, for me, a very productive activity.

Today I found myself walking around Charing Cross trying to identify the Aldwych NatWest branch while coping with Google Maps and my internet connection which decided to abandon me right at that time. So after ending up at the Covent Garden NatWest (as directed by Google Maps) only to find out it wasn't the right one I decided to give up seeing as the Aldwych one was nowhere to be found and to head back home. However, ever since I've moved here I can't seem to manage to avoid being distracted by one thing or another. This time it was Covent Garden. I first thought about eating at the Shake Shack. It was 2pm and I hadn't eaten yet. But the line in front of it detracted me from doing so. So I wandered off thinking I should probably just go home. On my way to the underground I remembered a friend telling me that Bellushi's has really good food so I contemplated walking in and having a salad. But then I thought I wasn't that hungry and just left. After a couple more metres I changed my mind. I was hungry. So I thought I'd better walk into Kurt Geiger seeing as there was a big SALE announcement in the window and shopping is ultimately food for the soul. Of course, I should've known by now that Kurt Geiger is very bad for my health. But I'm an addict, what can I do? After mentally purchasing about 500 pounds worth of shoes I went ahead and walked into Michael Kors.. just to indulge in a dessert. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they didn't have the navy tote that I've been wanting for over a year. I did give my details so they could tell me when it was back in stock. That way I avoided the awkwardness of finding it and leaving the store empty handed because of my limited resources, after I'd asked the ladies to check at all their other stores and pretended to be really interested in it and buying it on the spot.

And here there should be an interlude because I don't really remember how I managed to end up in Leicester Square. As I was really feeling hungry by this time I decided I would go into Slug & Lettuce and have a burger. I did walk in, I did look at the menu and felt my stomach approve in hunger. But I just turned around and left. And that's when I realized what my problem was. It's solomangarephobia. I really hate eating alone. And while I don't have paranoid feelings that people are looking at me I do feel a lump in my stomach every time I have to dine alone. It wasn't really only the queue at the Shake Shack that put me off. It was the fear of eating alone, of being one of those people that take up a space meant for two. Although it's perfectly acceptable, especially for business travellers that find themselves in need of dining alone quite often, even though my rational self knows that there's nothing to be afraid or ashamed of, my senses and my reactions are completely contrary to it.

So tell me, have you guys experienced the same thing? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


This is just a little snap from when I went to Portobello Rd last weekend. I loved it there and I definitely advise all you guys to go there if you're in London. 

Do you guys know any other good spots for vintage finds in London? 


Yesterday I went on a little shopping spree for some more household items and some accessories for the 20's themed party I was going to attend later on at night. I was looking for a bedazzled headband or a hair pin, anything that looked remotely like the 20's as I hadn't brought any appropriate dresses with me.
My first stop was Primark, which isn't my usual destination for shopping but it has really good bathroom mats. I wasn't thinking about buying anything else from there but when I reached the queue I saw this pin and I knew I had to have it. At first I thought it would be too big but it turned out just perfect! I don't even know how I managed to do my hair like that, it's a personal success and I'm really excited by it. I love dressing up and I love the 20's so this was quite the occasion for me. 
If you want to check out the make up I wore check my instagram account @mariadinca !

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