Walk that Walk

My maths teacher from high-school once told us that he could know whether one had a perceptive mind from the way they walked. That was the day I acknowledged my walk as one of my biggest strengths. That would be my super-power, I said to myself. You know, it sounds kind of stupid now that I say it but don’t give up on the idea just yet. Models even make a living out of it!

This walking therapy is fairly simple and inevitable, I might add. You just have to keep a strong, decided pace and to keep your head straight so that it seems you've got everything handled and no worries in the world. Hurry up a bit and you’ll look like you probably have a full agenda and a busy, professional schedule. But don’t look disheveled; we don’t want people to think we’re running to-and-fro because we can’t handle our workload. You might just be going to get a cup of coffee from the deli – walk your walk. Let’s take the classic “Don't frown. You never know who is falling in love with your smile.” I say that besides the fact that continuous smiling might make you look a bit psychotic a clean walk has a much bigger impact. It impressed my maths teacher and let me tell you, he isn’t an easy fellow to impress.

Moreover, besides the impression it leaves on people, walking like you know what you’re doing boosts your confidence as well. My tripping over percentage and the rate of people handing leaflets stopping me on the street definitely decreased. (I’m so sorry for all those that have to freeze on the street while handing leaflets to people – I always get the “put yourself in their shoes” line from my friends every time I say ‘no, thanks!’)

So forget all the self-help books that tell you what you’re supposed to do to be confident and to feel good in your own skin. Just walk you walk and everything will follow naturally. Tell me, what do you think? Do you agree or is everything I just said stupid? 


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