The City of Lights

Last week was reading week and so we had a little bit of a break before starting Uni in full force again. I hadn't planned anything for the week, just writing my essays and finishing the coursework I had. But my mother surprised me and told me she'd got tickets for Paris for the next day. "I hope I'm not ruining any of your plans" she said. Yeah sure... let me check my planner. No, nothing, screw them. So I happily hopped on a plane to the city of lights! I've been to Paris around four times before but I've never managed to see the city properly. I either went to Disneyland or spent the days with my cousins who live about 45 minutes away from the city centre. However, as delightful as these activities might be, I've always had a regret of not being able to really see some of the most important touristic attractions, to spend some time wandering the tiny streets. And the regret still persists because I still couldn't see the Musee d'Orsay, as I arrived 15 minutes after closing hours. It sucked but, looking on the bright side of things, I could shoot these spectacular pictures. The sky that night is still stuck in my mind, it was one of the most beautiful views I've ever seen. It was as if I had seen the world for the first time, honestly, I couldn't believe my eyes. Moreover, I've never tried to shoot at night, I was always kind of scared of it, but this attempt really showed me that there's nothing to be afraid of and that beautiful things can come of it. 

I don't know why but every time I'm behind the lens I feel incredible. Before starting the blog and even in the beginning I was so drawn to fashion posts and trying to capture the beautiful poses that I saw on the blogs that inspired me to do this. But now, however, I feel like travelling and sharing all the little beautiful things I see daily are so much more interesting. I still love fashion and I wouldn't really give up on posting my outfits from time to time, but maybe because I've got no one here to take any outfit pictures for me I've grown more interested in what happens behind the camera. 

I hope you guys enjoy this post, it was surely surreal for me to photograph every single moment. 


  1. love these pictures! It sounds like you had an incredible time! I've been to Paris once but since I was with a large group I barely got to see the city so I'm hoping to go back soon!

    ~ Caroline


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