I've never been one for glitter nails or glitter anything for that matter. But one day I just decided to give it a go and put a topcoat of glitter on my ring finger. And I loved it! So I decided to go full-on and paint all my nails like that. 

The colours I'm wearing are Chanel Blue Satin, which is my absolute favourite, it's a very dark navy and everyone believes it's black* and Topshop Ice Crush, which looks silver but has coloured specks in it as well. 

And another plus to this combination is that, contrary to my beliefs, it wasn't a total pain in the ass to get off!! Ka-Ching! 

What do you guys think about it? Are you a fan of glitter nails? 


*I think that's part of why I love it, there's something in it that not everyone can see. I know I'm taking this too far but I guess that's just how deep I am and you have to deal with it. ha! (just kidding, don't mind me)


  1. I'm a fan of basically everything that sparkles so glitter nail polishes are totally my deal :D I love this color, it's perfect for New Year's Eve party! :) (kind a reminded me that)




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