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Okay, so let's talk make-up. I've never been a heavy make-up user and I love the feeling of my natural make-up free face. I've always admired those women with sharp features and beautiful bone structures that managed to look stunning with what seemed the faintest amount of make-up. I don't think I'll ever be one of those women but I have begun to understand what I like to wear and what I don't in terms of make-up. 

So today I just want to show you my everyday steps for a look that is natural but still emphasizes your best features. On days when I want something simple and effective I use steps 1-3,9 and 11 and when I want some more contouring I add the rest as well! 

1. Foundation. Sometimes I skip this step altogether but ever since I bought the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua my skin looks beautifully natural and it feels like I have nothing on. 
2. Concealer. This is the first make-up product I started using and I honestly wouldn't be able to live without it. The circles under my eyes have become a permanent feature of mine. 

3. Most of the times I only use Naked Lunch from MAC but when I feel like adding a bit more dimension to my eyes I add 
4. and 5. from my Sephora for blue eyes pallet into my crease.

6. This is a new discovery of mine and even though it doesn't really fall into the basic, natural make-up look I just had to include it. This really lasts on the eyes for 24h and I love applying it under my lower lashes for a slightly dramatic effect. 
7. I've recently started to wear eyeliner again but I avoid dramatic cat eyes. I just add a thin line to the outer edge of my lashes for a more contoured effect.
8. Lately, one of the things I use daily is my white eye pencil from MAC. It always makes me look more awake and my eyes look bigger. I love it.

9. The Lancome Hypnose has been my holy grail mascara for as long as I can remember. Lancome makes the best mascaras for natural looks, they make your lashes look longer and leaner without making them look heavy. 
10. Let's just take a moment and breathe in honour of Guerlain. Their Terracotta light bronzer is really the only one I can use on my pale skin without looking ridiculous. 
11. MAC Well Dressed is the only blush I've ever used; it's perfect for any occasion. 
12. My brow story is a very long one. I only realized how to fill them in a few months ago. My eyebrows are quite dark in comparison to my fair complexion and blonde hair so I tended to go for really dark colours to fill them in. Only when I saw Tanya Burr use a very light colour on hers, which are more or less like mine, did I understand that I should've used those instead. So I've been filling in my brows ever since and I'm loving it! 
I should've added this after my skin routine but because it's such a new habit I always forget to do it and end up doing it last. 

I hope this has been useful for some of you guys and I can't wait to hear your opinions. Do you like this type of make-up or do you prefer to go for a more dramatic one? 


  1. I've always been one of those "the more the better" kind of girls but I also have those go-to tips that I use everyday when I don't want to do more massive make-up. The only thing for me that is essential every day is eye-liner! Can't be without it :D But I loved your tips, very very informative and helpful!



    1. I would love to learn how to do a more dramatic make-up just like Kristina Bazan from but I never manage, that's why I stay away from it more or less. Thank you for your comment!



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