The Boyfriend

It's been a bit more difficult for me lately to shoot outfit photos. I'm still not completely at ease with taking photos of myself and my outfits while some people stare. My mom's been continuously telling me to do my thing without caring about prying eyes but it's still a bit strange to feel loads of eyes set on me thinking: "what is she doing??". So yesterday morning I just decided to go out for a walk to Somerset House. It's obviously one of the most important venues for London Fashion Week but I wanted to visit it without all the craziness that comes with LFW. I expected it to be pretty empty, as it had been the last time I'd seen it but the unexpectedly beautiful weather made everyone head outside. 

These are the photos I managed to shoot.I took my boyfriend jeans out for a spin and paired them with my leopard print flats. I've been into really basic outfits lately and this one illustrates my mood perfectly. Basic, with catchy accessories. 


What do you guys think? How do you like to dress on a relaxed Sunday afternoon? 

I was wearing:
Zara boyfriend jeans
Ltb t-shirt
Topshop leather jacket
Anniel flats
Forever 21 ring


  1. I imagine how weird it feels to take photos yourself but you really shouldn't care! :) In the end, it doesn't matter what they think, what matters is how you feel and what you think! :)


  2. Love this look! Perfect for a casual Saturday! I feel the same way about taking pictures. Before I moved to school I always took pictures in my front yard where no one is around and now there are always people around and I feel a little awkward!

    ~ Caroline

    1. Thank you! I'll try to practice until I get used to it!


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