Tenerife Diary

I got so caught up with preparations for University that I totally forgot sharing these beautiful pictures I shot in Tenerife less than two months ago. Opposed to Venice, which was a shower of culture and history, this holiday was meant to be for relaxing and allowing our brains to de-crease a bit. 

The island of Tenerife was the first place that my parents went to together outside of our country after the 1989 revolution and end of the Communist Era. My smarty-pants dad won an award at work and they got to stay in the Bahia del Duque, one of the most prestigious hotels on the island, where Juan Carlos I used to stay as well. Even now they tell me stories about their stay there and how impressed they were with... everything. I bet you know how it feels to have such beautiful memories of a place, memories that are only yours and that make you happy whenever, no matter how much time has passed. Somehow, my parents transferred their beautiful memories and their love for this place to me as well, even before I'd seen it myself. So when I got to see it as well, the love only grew. 

Even though this holiday was meant for leisure we did have some attractions that we wanted to visit. The first one was Loro Parque, one of the biggest of its kind. It hosts animals of all kind, from the smallest of fish to the largest predators. What I loved about this park is that it is a beautiful place for children as well as adults. There's something to marvel at every step; I definitely recommend you don't miss it if you're ever in Tenerife. 

Right next to our hotel was a property built on an actual rock structure. It is surrounded by a tall fence and from what I could see it is a beautiful villa. My parents told me that it was there when they went, so more than 20 years ago. I can only imagine the time and dedication needed to build such an estate on rock, with the ocean as a back yard. People can actually climb the outer edges of the rock, as it mounts down to the beach, so before heading to the airport we did just that - we sat on the rock and watched the sea, appreciating the last minutes of summer we were allowed to have. 

When I was younger, every time I left camp, I used to be sad for such a long time. My friends and I would remember the funny bits for years and every time we'd meet we'd laugh like they had happened a day before. As I got older I stopped living in the things I'd already done and started looking towards the future. I try to appreciate each moment while it's there, so that I don't have to look back on things with regret. Memories are here so that we could make new ones, not linger in the past. 

The friends we were with were very disappointed in our hotel, in the services, in basically everything that breathed on this island. I don't want to pretend like everything was perfect, but then again, nothing is perfect. So I just wondered, during the entire holiday, how it would have been to be stuck in my dislike for everything. I would have missed the beautiful breeze for the glass of champagne we didn't get at arrival and the smile of my best-friend's little brother when we went on the slides in Siam Park for the room-service that got mixed up with my neighbours'. 
And I was so glad that I didn't. 


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