Is It Time?

You tell me. Just like the Isabel Marant platform sneakers, Nike's Air Max have become quite the fashion item and everyone was sporting them at Fashion Week (even with highly suggestive printed socks). I'm really not complaining about flats becoming so popular because I wasn't a high-heel type of girl anyway. But, just like the Isabel Marant's that I profoundly disliked the first time I saw them on Chiara Ferragni HERE but ended up loving them, the Air Max seems to have the same effect. 

A few months ago I came to the conclusion that, in fashion, you can't really call things ugly. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and dislike certain items because they don't fit our conventions. But the thing with fashion is that it's so interpretative, it all depends on styling. For example, I still don't like the particular Isabel Marant's in the article linked above, but simply because of the colour. After seeing them in black I was totally sold. 

So I guess it's the same with the Air Max's after seeing a particular photo of Julia Sarr Samois on Stockholm Streetstyle. I leave you with some pictures that have inspired me into buying the Air Max. What do you guys think? Is it time to get on the bandwagon? Do you own the Air Max? Or are you still not convinced by them? 


  1. Even though I agree we can't particularly call something ugly, this trend just does NOT fit my perspective! For me, it's just so damn ugly .. sneakers should be left for sports, for jogging, for workout! Not for fashion week or wearing them sincerely every day on the streets. Yes they are comfy but let's be honest - it's not beautiful. :)



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