El Teide

During our holiday in Tenerife we did one more thing that I believe deserves its own post. We visited the impressive Teide - a 3000m volcano that has given the island its black sand beaches and volcanic nature. Julia and I did this by ourselves the day before leaving the island. It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I might be exaggerating but to me it was perfect. I'm not very passionate about nature, I don't camp, I can't say that I don't mind insects and I absolutely hate grass that pinches my ankles. But when I get to see such beautiful scenery, places that don't seem real, I'm dumbfounded. Every second I spent there, the 4 hour drive and the time spent near the actual volcano, seemed to be a dream. I honestly believe the photos will be able to tell you more than I can. Julia got so tired of me saying that it looked like the Wild Wild West (I might have said that one too many times indeed) but I just couldn't believe my eyes and my heart was pounding. 

I hope you enjoy and I wish you a most wonderful Sunday! 


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