Don't judge me

In between my Organizational Behaviour lecture assignment and words such as Fundamental Attribution Error and Variance Theory I found myself feeling very hungry. That was the moment I decided to give my newly bought Sainsbury tomato&basil soup a try. 
What struck me as odd was that although I could comprehend terms such as discretionary behaviour and industrial sociology I couldn't quite understand the mechanism that would enable me to open my can of soup. It was plastic, not tin and I honestly couldn't open it. I tried pulling, cutting, unscrewing, basically everything. 
So in this random post I ask you, why is it that such trivial endeavours such as opening a can or doing our self check out at a supermarket scare us so much while running complex tasks on our computers or writing 1000 word essays in business management seem much more attainable? Is it just me? Please tell me it's not. 


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