Venice Day 2: Piazza San Marco

Today's post is all about Piazza San Marco. This is where we spent most of our second day in Venice and it was incredibly beautiful! We visited the Dodge's Palace, San Marco's Basilica and the Clock Tower. It took us quite a while to visit all three of them as the lines were really long. (However, they were totally worth the visit) 


These first pictures are taken from the Clock Tower, where you can have a 360° view over Venice. I literally spent a full hour up there as I couldn't get enough! The entrance fee is 8 euros which might seem pricy for some, including the waiting time and the heat you have to wait in if you visit in summer, but trust me, it's totally worth it! 

The Dodge's Palace offers a beautiful view over the Piazzeta and the interior courtyard. (The stage was being assembled for a concert that took place that day) 
The second photo wast taken from the Basilica, probably my favourite spot! 

And finally, San Marco, as much as I could fit in the picture. There's nothing better than sipping your coffee in the morning at one of the little tables spread in front of the various snack bars. It's expensive and the service isn't always the best, as there's so many customers and the waiters are mainly from India and Pakistan and don't have very good English skills, but one little indulgence on holiday isn't forbidden.
Have you guys been to Venice? What did you think of it? 


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