Monday, 5 August 2013

Venice Day 1

                 Ok, so let me just say that choosing from thousands of beautiful pictures, editing them and finally putting together a post is so much more difficult than I'd imagined. I honestly didn't think it would take me this long but I finally managed to finish my Venice posts. I alternated fashion oriented posts with travelling oriented ones in trying to stay true to my content and combine fashion and travelling as well as I could.
This is the first post of the series, so enjoy!

                 We arrived in Venice at about 3 pm so we decided to spend our first afternoon walking around the city enjoying the beautiful views. I've already mentioned in my previous post that whenever I travel I prefer spending a while walking without a definite direction instead of visiting museums and touristic places. So on our first day we just tried to feel the vibe of Venice, to absorb its beauty. I just hope I could caption part of that beauty in these pictures.

 I was wearing:
Zara shorts
Massimo Dutti t-shirt
Converse shoes
H&M socks
Longchamp bag
Zara sunglasses

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