Today I got to think about milestones. It seems to me that we have recently lost our ability to filter through what is and what isn't important anymore. Or better yet, what SHOULD and what SHOULDN'T be important yet.

It is not rarely that I get excited on the high amount of likes I sometimes get on Instagram or the daily views on my blog. Back in December when I was administrating Deal for Hope (which I advice you to visit; it still refers to what should be a primary preoccupation of ours) I used to share every thousand views we got on Facebook. And don't get me wrong, Deal for Hope was a noble action that we started out of pure concern and interest in the matter. And if you haven't clicked on the link when you should have (click!click!click!) Deal for Hope is a blog I and a few former classmates of mine started in order to help disabled people and to adapt the surrounding environment to their needs. So, naturally, every view and every like meant that there were people listening to our concerns, people sharing our passion and interest in the matter.

However, today I celebrated two milestones. My name day and my 500th post on Instagram. And what is somehow sad is that I almost forgot about my name day in detriment to my Instagram post. That's worrying, me thinks! I don't want to plead for an anti-technology era because that would be idiotic and impractical.

There's so many things technology has helped us with. (see prosthetics, e-mails and Sex and The City) But, what I complain about is our way of balancing technology with our lives. Developing this blog has been incredible and I intend to continue on this path but on the other hand I wish I wouldn't forget about the days when I wouldn't feel the need to permanently check for my phone or the beautiful moments that don't need a tweet in order to be validated.

I hope I'm not blabbering, sounding like an old judgmental person but I think we should all have some phone-free, tech-free days. At least once a month, for the sake of our mental health.


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