Just settling into my usual city routine... Beware, these photos are meant to fool you. I might seem like an active person, the typical on-the-go girl but I couldn't be further away from that. Ever since I came back from the sea side I've spent most of my days curled up in bed watching Game of Thrones (I had no idea I would like this tv show so much!)

The month of July was incredibly hot, I almost couldn't wear anything that wasn't short, skimpy or pyjama-like. This outfit was what I tried to come up with so that I could fight the hot weather and look stylish at the same time. This high-low top is perfect for just that: it's so thin that it doesn't keep warmth at all and it's also kind of unexpected so it adds a little oomph to the outfit.

These are gel nails which I've loved for a very long while and I totally recommend them to you girls out there that either have very thin nails that easily exfoliate (like I do) or don't have time to have your manicure done every other week (like I do as well). These last for about 2 to 3 weeks, but I usually have them done every two weeks because I can't stand them after their growth is too visible. The nail polish used here is Melkior.

I was wearing: 
American Apparel shorts
H&M sweater
Musette bag
Zara flats
Ray Ban sunglasses


  1. pretty look!!! love the nails


  2. Your nails are really so beautiful, especially with the glasses :)



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