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Autumn is slowly approaching and as much as I regret the end of summer I'm really looking forward to the colder seasons. In preparation for them I have started to crave for darker colours and especially burgundy and plum ones. 

A few weeks ago I went into H&M with the specific target of buying some bobby pins and that's when I spotted the perfect basic t-shirt for this fall. The colour, the feel and the cut are absolutely divine and I love that it's not a tight fit, so I didn't have to go a size up. At first I thought it was a men's t-shirt but then I saw that it was actually in the women's section so you nailed it H&M as menswear for women has become a real thing. 

What I love about this t-shirt is that you can easily dress it down with a denim jacket or dress it up by adding a blazer or a skirt and some high-heels. When I was little I used to love t-shirts, especially printed ones and as I grew up I gave the prints away but my love for t-shirts didn't diminish, it just altered by adapting them to a more stylish look. 

What you have pictured in the gif above is a basic H&M t-shirt, matched with a statement necklace from H&M as well (another thing I loved about it is the higher neckline that is perfect for stacking different necklaces). I also added a denim jacket that is a DIY of mine.

So what are your staple items this fall? 


  1. I really love basic shirts as well, they are so good for mixing and matching! I could totally picture this top with a pencil skirt .. mm would look amazing. It's definitely a good purchase :)



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