Monday, 20 May 2013

Following the Trends: From Inspiration to lack thereof

       I found myself yesterday (as I've been a lot lately) in a state of wonder at how much we're all starting to look like each other. There's two more weeks until my prom and I was raiding the stores yesterday in search of a pair of shoes that could get as close to Jimmy Choo's Lance sandal as possible. Surprisingly, I did find some, which brings us right back to our main topic: trends and how they influence us.
       I was so utterly disappointed to discover that I'd become one of the victims of foolishly following the trends and somehow becoming sucked in by the great vertigo that is this fashion industry. To exemplify, my outfit yesterday counted no more than 3 Zara items out of 5, one of which was the famous skort of the season.
         Here is a clearer view on the exact outfit, with the mention that the flats were Zara, not Tory Burch and the clutch was a Calvin Klein one that I couldn't find online to show to you. So, anyway, turning back to my point, I think yesterday was the first day in a very long while when I actually went from store to store, checking out the shops I don't usually go into and purposely avoiding my usual destinations such as Zara, H&M, Mango etc. As much as I would love to be a millionaire, or at least moderately rich, I am not. I'm just a usual person that shops in high street stores and sometimes indulges in designer fashion. I haven't exactly had the time to properly shop lately, with all my exams going on, so I've mainly stuck to my long time friend: Zara. (and lately H&M - the accessories section specifically). 
         However, being stuck in my daily routine I've become tired of being stuck in a clothing routine as well. As much as I love my new skort, most of its charm is somehow lost in the myriad of bloggers and fashionistas that have already purchased it. How am I supposed to wear my clothes in a way that hasn't been seen before when the entire world wide web is buzzing with the same item mixed and matched thousands of times again? "It's your duty", some of you might say, "if you aspire to be involved with fashion or if you simply try to tackle fashion issues on this personal space you call a blog". And you'd probably be right.
         But my main concern is even bigger than this. I might start wearing feathered hats with camo heels or some other insane combo that would surely turn some heads. (not in the best way probably, but who cares, any publicity is good publicity, right?)  But what is happening with EVERYBODY lately? A few days ago I was in the underground and if any of you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed that I tweeted the fact that I hadn't seen so many stylish people in one place in quite a while. Anyway, my little pink bubble burst when I concluded that the number of stylish people was the same with the number of fake designer bags I'd seen. I'm not blaming the people that bought them really, some of them most probably didn't even know that bag was supposed to copy a Louis Vuitton tote, I'm blaming those that sell them. If Samsonite stores sell 3.1 Philip Lim wanna-be satchels, where is this world heading? (This is a true story, saw them today!)
         I spent my entire Saturday feeling sad that the Jimmy Choo Lance sandals were way out of my budget (625 euros) instead of concentrating on other great items in various stores. I believe I've become somewhat of a snob, or maybe I just fell into a comfort zone and I didn't leave it for a very long while, because I've passed on some really great things just because I didn't check other shops, boutiques, no brand stores out of - bad - habit. So I've made a new resolution, that I plan to fulfill right after I'm done with my exams. To avoid Zara in the future, and anything that I see at other people, to check out other stores even if it means looking harder for worthy items, to dig a little deeper and to ultimately find a style that defines me.

Has anything like this ever happened to you guys? Any advice on how to get out of this situation?

Friday, 10 May 2013

Blogger's Block

There's some days when I feel like I want to dive under the covers, dressed in my sweatpants, and never leave. Other times I plan outfits for days but when I put them on in the morning I find myself underwhelmed and furthermore go into an "I have nothing to wear" phase. And finally, there's some days a season when I somehow manage to dress up just perfectly for my mood, even if it's just a tee and a pair of jeans.
However, for those days and even weeks when my inspirational level is lower than low can be I use the term of "Blogger's Block". I'm always surprised when I see that other people do the same silly things I do: like measuring time in songs: "It only took me three songs to get there!" and using my iPhone with my nose during winter, when I wear gloves. So I'm writing this manifesto in order to see whether there's other weirdos like me that go through these phases. Lately, I've been waking up drained of all creative ideas and fashion instincts. The outfits I manage to pull out lately are nothing more than colour coordinated and pretty. And pretty is not what I usually go for, I do want the va-va-va-voom as well.

Do you guys have any ideas on how to recover my spirit? As many streetstyle blogs and inspirational photos I check out, I don't seem to quite get my fashion sense back. I bet it's due to the stress that my finals are causing but what can I do to stay on the floating line? I've always thought that my style is going to be the last one to fade, so I think I'm in a dangerous place right now, a place I want to get out of.

Any tips and tricks would be lovely to hear, and your stories as well! I bet you have some interesting ones!

Thursday, 2 May 2013


When I first saw these trousers in H&M I was really doubtful about them, but when I actually tried them on I fell in love. They fit really well and I love the tailored stripe on the front. Not to mention the floral print that I'm really into lately. I just paired them with basic items to let the print shine through. These pics were taken a few weeks ago when the weather was still mildly colder. Right now we're going through 30* temperatures and nothing more than t-shirts and bare legs is acceptable. I can't wait to show you guys some of my recent purchases and looks!

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