What's Your Word?

DSC_08351I remember that in 5th grade the so-called "memory books" were all the rave. In case you're wondering, "memory books" were notebooks where children would write questions about love, friendship and whatever else they wanted and then they would give them to their friends to fill them up. Some of the questions were quite cheeky (especially if you had to write the name of your crush, who, most often, would also fill in the notebook). Those were first world problems, if you would have asked my 13 year old self. 
Anyway, I'm digressing. One of the most asked questions in these eccentric notebooks of ours was "Describe me in one word" which has lately strengthened an idea I've been concocting for some while. 
Are we all searching for that one word that defines us? And most importantly: Is there one word that could define each of us?
I've come to think that my word is "Interesting". Somehow, most people tend to describe me that way. Or at least my best friend does, and I tend to value her opinion quite a lot. But is it "interesting" something I can deal with? Is it the word I want to have? What is more, do I have any saying in which is my word, or do I simply have to deal with it? By chance, I happen to really like interesting. When I was little I had a friend whose word was clearly "Beautiful". Everyone thought she was beautiful and, most importantly, everyone knew she was beautiful. I don't know if everyone would have thought her word was "beautiful", but somehow, everyone took it for granted that it was. Back in those days I was a bit jealous, but mostly sad because my word couldn't be beautiful as well. I've never been a very self-confident person and being "beautiful" was never on my list, I was rather "smart" or "funny". 
Nowadays, I've settled with "interesting" and I really love it. I'd rather be interesting than beautiful. I don't know what mistery lies in beauty, but I think there's definitely something appealing about "interesting". 

Anyway, have you every thought about your word?
DSC_08381I was wearing
Topshop leather jacket
H&M sweater
My mother's vintage skirt
Zara shoes
Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses


  1. I remember those notebooks so well! Now thinking about the words that define us .. I guess the thing is that people just WANT to define themselves. The truth is that none of us really don't know who are we. Even if we think we do, there is always something bigger and more inside of us. I wouldn't want to define myself with one word, I really believe it limits you, your actions and how you live! If you put yourself into one box, you will be inside of that box. People who are in the "pretty" box, live inside those measurements and never want to get out to be interesting or funny - they are stuck in the pretty box. And same goes with interesting :) I loved your post :)


    1. I think you're totally right, but I also think that we're limited in that way pretty much all the time. It's great to realize that and to try to surpass the stereotypes.
      Thank you so much!

  2. love your outfit and so springy... :)


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