Inspiration #11

Funnily enough, these days I've been trying to balance two trends that I've been really into lately:
1. Basic silhouettes like black t-shirts and washed out jeans, adding a little something with bolder accessories
2. Bright colours and prints. 
I know, it's very contradictory and weird but that basically my style. One day I like to be as girly as possible and the next I take out my most ripped jeans
 What are your favourite trends right now? 
I do not own any of these photos.

P.S. I added the Ashley Olsen pic just because I've had a girl crush on the Olsen twins ever since I can remember. 


  1. Lovely photos!!! Olsens are so stylish girls


  2. I totally understand how you feel with your style. Some days I dress really preppy and the next day I'm wearing the total opposite. I love that cambridgeesque clutch in the second picture!

    ~ Caroline


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