DSC_1002I think that in every girls' life prom is a very important date and I am no exception. I've been prepping for it for a while just so I could be absolutely sure that the cut, the pattern and the textile would be the absolute perfect one. Now, after actually buying the material, deciding on the shape and texture I'm still nervous. I think you can never be 100% sure on your decision. It's so much easier to buy an already made dress, because you can see the final product. With tailoring there's so many details that could go wrong, and no real option of taking everything back, unless you want to buy another material and start over. I won't reveal the actual material yet, but here are some pics I took at the shop. I find fabric stores very inspiring, and I'm actually preparing some surprises with some new materials! :) 

Enjoy! xx



  1. Are you making your own prom dress?? That is ambitious, but those colors seem like a great start!

    ~ Caroline


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