Some of my favourite purchases over the years weren't either the most expensive or any of my designer items. I still wear a skirt I bought three years ago, in London, with only 3 pounds and I wouldn't trade my vintage shirts for anything else. Today I stopped by a small phone store which I hadn't even seen before with the thought of perusing through some cute accessories. However, most surprisingly I completely fell in love with this indigo case. Somehow the see-through stripes and this dark colour just stole my heart. I can't really describe it, it's just that I completely feel that I'd love to keep this case three years from now on. 
This is actually one of my new resolutions. I love to have all kinds of clothes and to try all kinds of styles. But somehow I always turn to the things I love no matter what. So, I ultimately end up wearing some clothes even two days in a row while others just sit in my wardrobe unworn for years. 
Right now I just have a feeling that this case isn't going to fade away for a long while. 


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