ASOS Marketplace

In connection to one of my previous posts, TECH, I just wanted to share with you an initiative I've been flirting with for a few months now. Taking into consideration the fact that I'll soon be on my own and that my shopping addiction will somehow have to be managed I think that the best solution is to start investing in timeless pieces, only the ones I'm sure I'll wear for more than a season. This also implies, of course, getting rid of those pieces that are rotting in the back of my wardrobe or simply lying there because I don't get to wear them anymore. After testing the ground and checking out different selling options: Ebay, Amazon and even local online shops I came across Asos Marketplace. Still, I'm a newbie so I don't know whether it's the best choice.
Have any of you guys used these or any other online shops to sell different things? If so, please do care to share with me, I'm in a bit of a dillema right here. Taking into consideration the ease of the transaction, how safe everything is and even the available selection of items and the demand which of these options do you think is the best? HELP!
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