I'm currently writing from the cozy hotel we're checked in, in Zell am See. I should be skiing right now but we're all really lazy from the long car ride we've had the past two days. Although we drove continuously we had to respect a few of the traditions we've built during our years of travelling to Austria. This year we left earlier than usual, at 5 am. (!!!) I wasn't even fully conscious but I was dragged to the car and made to sit there for the following 12 hours. This year my mom couldn't come so I had the privilege of being the copilot, in the front passenger seat. However fun this might sound it's more challenging than I thought. I had to keep awake all the way no matter how tired I was and to pay attention to all the road signs and announcements. 

After driving for an entire day we stopped at our first hotel, near Parndorf. Every year we stop in the Parndorf Outlet Center because Christmas the sales are the happiest time of the year! And now, finally reaching today's topic, after a full night's sleep we left towards Vienna to meet with our friends. I had never had the chance to see Vienna for more than a day and that day was usually spent around Mariahilfer Strasse and walking around town. This year however, I just realized how beautiful this city truly is and how much I'd love to get the time to properly visit it. I'd been planning my summer holiday for a while but this time I think I'm pretty decided about how it will turn out. Anyway, I urge every one of you to visit Vienna as soon as you can. It's a magical city and no matter how much time you spend in it, it will surely conquer your heart. Here are some photos we took yesterday, sightseeing and, let's admit it, shopping too. 
DSC_0615We had a coffee at Caffe Ritter, a cozy, very characteristic Austrian cafe which I absolutely loved! The vintage Coca-Cola bottle, the small tables and the chandeliers, everything had a very romantic vibe. Right around the corner from Mariahilfer Strasse, this is a spot I totally recommend. 

DSC_0613We also shopped a little and I was very surprised of the Forever 21 store in Vienna. Even though I remembered not really liking it in the UK, this one was divine! The jewellery selection especially caught my eyes and I left with some statement acquisitions.
And last but not least, in the miscellaneous category, a very funny and cute beetle and the Franciscan Cathedral in Vienna. 

I hope I didn't really bore you with this long post, but there's something about discovering beautiful cities that just makes me talk continuously. I'll just re-read it one more time just to be sure I didn't write completely unnecessary and boring things. 


  1. All of these pictures are so lovely, they make me really need a vacation.
    xx. McKenna Lou

    1. Trust me, I was there for a few days and all I could think about was when I would get back! xx

  2. Great photos! :) also, your eyelashes are ridiculously gorgeous.



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