My life has been pretty much hectic in the last period, due to my exams. I actually have mocks next week so it isn't getting any easier. Thankfully, I've found (or more likely I've made myself find) time to take a short break and indulge into internet browsing, updating my tumblr and my blog. 

What I wore today

Where I'd like to be right now 

The book I'm reading at the moment

My indulgement

This is basically everything I'm thinking about while actually being stuck under a big pile of books and notebooks. Exam fever has finally struck me and I have to keep my focus just by the beginning of July when I'll be able to start my holiday and my University plans. I can't wait to start exploring uni life and to put in motion all the plans I have for this summer! I just hope there's enough time and money, haha! 
Are any of you seniors, going through the same process I am? If so how are you coping with studying and other activities? 
xx, M.


  1. I'm senior going through exams right now! I'm having just as many problems trying to stay focused! What I keep telling myself is you've done well so far don't screw it up now. I've also been trying to keep a balance between studying and relaxing. If I study too much I'm too stressed to do well on exams!
    Hope your exams go well!


    1. I know just what you mean! Thank you so much, the same to you!

  2. Those shoes are way too cute! And I would love to be in that pool right now. It looks so inviting. xx. McKenna Lou

  3. Lovely photos! Love those pictures!

    After Flats


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