Monday, 31 December 2012


Wow. I can't believe another year has gone by. It seems like yesterday I was starting high-school and now there's only 6 months left before I graduate.

I just wanted to tell everyone how excited I am for finally deciding to keep up my blogging and to use blogging as a means of relating with people that have the same interests and passions as I do. I hope 2013 will bring me just as many rewarding moments as 2012, and even more. I always come to the realization that no matter how many troubles one has to face and how unhappy one might be, there are always things to look forward to, goals to set for the future. Time flies by and we might end up one day seeing how our life has passed by us. Every year we have the chance to refresh ourselves, to clean the mess we did during the previous year and try to make everything better, try to evolve. We might not get to do all the things we want to, but having ambition, wishes and aspirations is the best way to get through life.

I wish everyone a very merry 2013, and I hope we can stick together in the next year as well. Remember, New Year's Eve is a time to spend with friends, family and people you want to see, people you love and cherish.
And remember:
"Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one."
― Brad Paisley

Featured Blogger

Here is a very beautiful article Ellie Balangue from  wrote about me ! I'm really flattered and I want to thank her very much! 

If you want to read the full article head over to
and don't forget to  read Ellie's blog, she's really a wonderful blogger and inspiration! 

Thank you again so much!  

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Recent Instagram

Hey guys! Here are the latest photos I posted on Instagram, for those of you who don't use the app! For all those who do, my username is mariadinca so don't hesitate to follow me! 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Route 13 x VienneMilano Giveaway

Do you ever wake up in the morning during winter wishing you didn't have to wear long stockings under your jeans and trousers? When everyone wants to be so thin another layer of clothing isn't the ideal solution. 

However, what if, instead of thick layers we would be able to wear luxury thigh high hosiery? Well, we are now! VienneMilano is the first luxury hosiery brand that is dedicated to thigh high hosiery. Their products are Made In Italy for women who want to reveal their style and confidence by being elegant, playful, and sexy in every occasion. 

And today I have a little surprise for you. Route 13 has teamed up with VienneMilano to offer you a 30% off coupon code: SASSYBLOGGER 
Just use that and you can buy whatever beautiful pair of hosiery you like! Go now and check them out at here

All photos courtesy of VienneMilano

Friday, 14 December 2012


When I was browsing the web a few days ago I was greeted by a plethora of pastel bags that just seemed lost in this winter weather. I must admit I crave spring and I would bring spring back in the blink of an eye if I could, but I'm also intrigued by this combination of snow, Christmas and floral, pastel colours.
Maybe I'll even try pastels this winter. Would you?

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Black Leather

Good morning everyone! As I'm not much of a poser or a model I decided to adopt some cliche yet effective methods of detracting your attention from any flaws the photos might have. Up here I am jumping up and down, I believe my dad must have taken about 30 photos of me while jumping, each one of them more hilarious than the other. 
Anyway, I was on my way home and I noticed the great light that was shining through the trees in the park and I decided we had to shoot right away; There's something about warm autumn light that feels very romantic to me. However, when we got there the sun was nowhere to be found and we barely got some rays of sunshine towards the end. But enough blabbering. Here's the photos! xoxo


I was wearing :
Topshop leather jacket
Stefanel sweater 
Zara dress
Zara bag
Musette boots
Accessorize gloves

Monday, 10 December 2012

Inspiration #5

This inspiration post is all about interior design. Having a full block book case in my room, redecorating doesn't come easily, so I've been dreaming about the day when I'll be able to completely redecorate my bedroom, throwing away all the childish furniture and the boring decorations. Meanwhile, my Interior Design Inspiration folder has become more that packed with pictures like this one, all of them future ideas for my house. 

This photo encompasses every idea of mine regarding relaxation. Mismatched pillows, books and a beautiful view are all I would need to spend an ethereal afternoon at home. I would probably never ever go to school again. Or eat. Or wash. 

Saturday, 8 December 2012


I'm so happy that the blog has reached 100 followers. It might not be much but I'm so proud that there are 100 people interested in following my blog and regularly checking on my posts! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)
Thank you! 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Let The Sun Shine

DSC_0240 (2)1
With the 1st of December being Romania's National Day I had a three-day weekend which I decided to spend with my parents at the mountains. So on Friday I hopped in the car and drove my parents all the way to Sinaia which is a beautiful mountain resort. These photos were taken at the Palace Hotel and Casino, a beautifully decorated elegant building. In the 1900's, during the monarchy, all the high-class of Romania used to go to the casino and the Palace still keeps the glory it once had. 
The weather also helped, the sun was shining and the mountain air was perfectly piercing. 

DSC_0242 (2)1
I was wearing: 
Hugo Boss jacket
Topshop sweater
American Apparel jeans
Asos boots
Calzedonia glitter socks
Ray Ban aviators
Musette bag
Tiffany&Co. earrings

Monday, 3 December 2012

Bling Bling

This post is all about bling! Every girl loves great jewellery and this year statement pieces have become a must-have. From Miroslava Duma's green statement necklace to the Hermes collier de chien bracelet and Leandra Medine's arm party we can't get enough of big, colourful and shiny pieces! DSC_02431
I bought this necklace from Zara this summer and I still love wearing it every time!

DSC_03221 DSC_03171
Phones love bling too
DSC_03231 DSC_03251 DSC_03281
And then, after adorning our necks with big, heavy pieces of metal our arms need warming too, so we usually wear lots of bracelets...
Enjoy and rejoice in bling! 
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